Family is so important.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Our wedding would have been totally IMPOSSIBLE without the love and support from our family.

His family.
My family.
Our families.

Probably the most prints I had done were of our family photos.  I love seeing the people I love so much surrounding our home each and every day.  

My dad and Sandy….and I love the color.

I’ve always loved his scratchy face kisses.


Love them. 

My aunts who were behind me every step of the way asking what they could do to help plan as if I was one of their own.  

His parents, brother, and sister-in-law

All of us together


And my momma’s best friend who steps in as momma all the time.  

I knew it would be a challenge to try and gather everyone before the reception started.  I put 4 lovely ladies in charge of the people while we were in the receiving line to gather the troops up in the back.  I wanted 4 big ole pictures of all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma….and the same for Mikey.  These people have watched the two of us grow from young love birds to totally meant for each other, head over heels in love.  
They’ve loved us. 
They’ve supported us.  
They’ve always told us we’re doing the right thing.  
The Snider side. 

The Plank side

The Thompson side

The Reed & Schenck side
And don’t worry everyone…I’ve made PLENTY of copies and you’ll each be getting your very own as a Christmas present.  Or before….if I see you before!
Truly Fortunate,

Family Tree Friday

So, I had a thought a few weeks ago while stuck inside during the Blizzard/Polar Vortex.  I was working rapidly on research for our family tree for days.  Literally…..days.

I got so far and so much done while stuck inside on those few days.  It occurred to me that it is something I want to share with my readers.  Things my readers can do to get started on their own…or maybe just learn more about me.  

I’ve never used any other program other than Family Tree Maker….and I never will.  It is that amazing.  It’s not very expensive, a simple download and you’re ready to get started. 
Then, if you want to splurge some more you can invest in an membership.  That will really get you going and help you find the missing links.  More to come on and their “hints” to help you.  
For now, if you’re interested in researching your family’s history I would highly recommend starting there.  I’m sure there are other programs, but it certainly has worked wonders for me.  I have used Family Tree Maker since I started searching our history probably 15 years ago.  We started very basic as a 4-H project that my mom and I were both interested in.  After a few years of using a typewriter and the basic forms that 4-H required you to fill out we invested in FTM and it was a miracle.  
Meet a few of my ancestors…

My grandma and her friends (bottom left)
And we have a huge stack of photos with no names.
Still haven’t figured out who these people are!
Who is this baby?  No idea yet…. still searching!

Fortunate to have a family who appreciates memories and history,