My favorite part of summer…

is the chance to spend more time with the ones I love….

days at the park

at late night dinners, cocktails, and hanging out with my love

at fireworks shows

at 4th of July celebrations

while eating good food

while hanging with friends

at a tailgate setting up fireworks

while antique shopping

at the strawberry patch picking berries

in the kitchen turning strawberries into jam

at the pool with my hunny

at the pool with the littles playing shark!

at summer concerts in the park 

at concerts with girlfriends

at concerts with cousins

at the pool anytime!

while relaxing by the pool

at the ice cream stand with a messy faced boy

while holding a cute baby laying in the sun

at the county fair with yummy cupcakes

at the county fair selling food

while riding a float in the parade for the fair

while saying MOO to a cow

at times with my best friend and her little

while winning fishies for her little

at a pedal pull cheering on my champ!

at a moment to remember mom 

while on a nice morning walk with my girl Shiloh

My favorite part of summer is at all these places and doing all these things with all these wonderful people who love me so much. I’m never able to capture a photo of all the people I love…but I hope they know who they are!

I’m beyond fortunate.

I’m beyond lucky.

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