Through his eyes

A couple of times in the last few days the littlest nephew has said, “I see your mom.”

The first time occurred late at night after our fireworks and 4th of July party.  We were in my living room getting the kids pajamas on before they left so they would be ready for bed.  He point to the mantle and says, “I see your mom.”  At first we just assumed there was a picture of mom on the mantle somewhere.  However….there isn’t.  Not anywhere near where he pointed is there a picture of her.  We refer to mom as “Mamaw Debbie” to the littles even though they never met her.  They still need to know who she is.

It was so random.  So wonderful.  So much needed.

A day spent with family and friends celebrating the holiday weekend.  A time where she loved to gather with loved ones.  Sit around, laugh, eat, be merry.  Years and years ago everyone gathered at her house for 4th of July.

If she were going to take a break from Heaven and join us I suppose it is only fitting she would be watching down on all of us when we were together having a great time.

The other time he said this was just one of those moments where it needed to be heard. A time where calm and reassurance was perfection in its timing.

We all know she’s here with us.  Some days and moments more than others.

We all just wish we could see her.

I believe that the littles have the capability to see her.  I just wish I could stop and see things through his eyes.  So I could see her one more time.  Maybe even talk to her.  Or give her a hug.  Just one last time.

What I would give to look through his eyes.

Missing her,

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