8 months

My sweet baby boy  is quickly becoming a big boy and I can’t believe how fast 8 months has passed us by. 
We had so many more adventures this month! Summer is absolutely incredible. 
He experienced his first ever County Fair. 
I’m not sure he’s 100% in love just yet because it totally jacked up his napping and bedtime, but I know by next year he will be a County Fair Fan just like his momma. 
He enjoyed his first fair milkshake and nibbles of sweet corn. He still prefers the boob and puréed baby food. 
He screams and squeals and has started to throw little tantrums. He’s a little bit rotten and maybe will have an attitude. Don’t know where he gets that! Ha!
He’s taking 2-3 naps a day depending on when he wakes up. Next week will be rough when we have to be out the door by 6:30 am again. Ugh. Not looking forward to that part. 
We eventually did he whole cry it out thing. We were not blessed with a great sleeper. He rarely sleeps 8-7. Most of the time he’s up 2-3 times a night but we are trying hard to let him cry. Teething has made me a little more compassionate. L

We’ve enjoyed our friends and our pool all summer long. 
We’ve spent many days on the deck and in the water!

At the County Fair he participated in his first ever Baby Contest. He went for Happiest Baby and Best Costume and only came home with a participants ribbon which I found to be a crock of sh** but whatever. 

He was at his first ever Church at the Fair. 

He took naps at the show arena while momma watched. 

And we spent most afternoons at Aunt Kiki’s house to take a nap. He loves her fuzzy blanket and curling up naked on the floor to relax. 

And the best was seeing our friend Zach at the fair! He and Zach are best buddies at Mrs. Jenny’s and they were so happy to be reunited. 

We took a quick trip to Aldi’s for some canned food for the food drive and E really loved sitting like a big boy in the cart with Brody Boy. 

Then Aunt Kiki started not feeling so great from her dang kidney stones (finally gone) and E got to spend LOTS of time with his cousins. They stayed the night and took baths together. He loved every minute of having them over. 

We celebrated the 4th of July by watching fireworks in Fortville and then fireworks from Aunt Cathy’s back porch. 

Sometimes momma takes him to the grocery when he is a little bit tired. So this finally happened….

Momma allowed his first ride on the lower ONLY because the blades weren’t on and daddy was just transporting some stuff. 
Still made me nervous. 
E loved it, of course. 

We took our first trip to the Zoo with cousins and aunts!
He loved the fish and sharks and penguins but fell asleep during the dolphin show. 

He also loved the carousel ride. 

The orangutan loved him. 

We read books everyday and he’s starting to really love tearing them apart. Of course he teacher in me wants to freak the heck out. 

On July 9th he started crawling. 
He has a million toys and all he wants are glass candles and the cords. Go figure. 

He love Shiloh even more. 
She’s still tolerating him. 

Aunt Cathy said he reminded her Of me. Of course I see it but most of the time we hear how much he looks like daddy. He’s a great combination!

Still loving bath time. 

And our first trip to the lake! 
Our annual family boat trip to Lake Monroe. He really wanted to be in the water and once Mommy’s fears subsided we tried it but you hated the life jacket so it was a no go. 

We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary with a family date night. 
Izakaya was entertaining for E. 

He was a little nervous about the fire. 

Daddy found a matching shirt. 

We had a date day with Brody. Splashpark and Taco Bell. I swear E could watch him play all day long. He just loves him so much!

Before he turned 8 months and those too teeth came in I really wanted a tooth pic. I’d been trying to get one all month long with no luck. I wrestled him to the ground. It began with laughter and ended with tears. 

His little
Monthly photo shoots are becoming increasingly difficult. 
But this boy has made me the happiest momma in the world. Every day I look at him and can’t imagine what life was like before he came along. 
Truly blessed. 

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