9 months

Dear little one,

You’ve been in this world for as long as you were cooking inside.  I look at you each day and I still can’t believe you’re mine.  We created this beautiful child.  We created you and your smile is the greatest blessing each and every day.

In the last month you’ve grown so much.

I really wish you would stop growing.  I can already imagine how difficult it will be to see you off to college.  As so many friends pack their children up and move them away I can’t help but wonder where you’ll go and what friends you’ll meet.  I can imagine coming to see you occasionally for a Saturday lunch where I treat you to a shopping spree at Walmart for all the college essentials.  I have so many dreams and hopes all for you.

You’re such a good eater and you love any food that is given but you definitely prefer to feed yourself.  You’ve been crawling everywhere and into everything and started cruising last week around furniture.  I’m guessing walking isn’t too far away…..which makes me pretty sad.  We keep moving things around but you still seem to want electrical sockets, coasters, and the TV remote to play with.  Screw the tons of expensive toys your loved ones purchased you.  Can we return that stuff?

When I tell you “no” you laugh hysterically and when I take something away that you want you scream like a crazy person.  I feel like we’ve already created a monster.  Everyone always compliments us on how wonderful a baby you are but they haven’t seen you laugh when you’re told “no” or scream when I take the TV remote away from you.  We keep that part of you hidden.

Your favorite toys are your tractors because you love to watch them roll and anything you can slide around all over the living room.

Your latest trick is shaking your head no and “singing” or mocking momma’s singing.  It’s pretty cute.  Minus the “no” part.

You do seem slightly suicidal lately.  You’ve started leaping and diving off of furniture and chairs.  I don’t think you understand the consequences, but I feel like it’s a really good thing daddy has good insurance for us because, at this rate,  you’re well on your way to some staples or stitches of some sort within the next 10 years of your life.

You love to go to Ms. Jenny’s each morning but just to break my heart you have occasionally shed a few tears to remind me you love me and you never want to be apart.  The feelings are mutual buddy, I promise.  If momma could stay home with you each and every day, I would.  Even if it did mean that I went crazy because of it.   BUT, Mrs. Jenny is basically the greatest gift to us and you love your friends there so it’s good to see you go and happy and playing when I pick you up each day.

You got so much better at picking up food.  At this point you truly desire feeding yourself over being fed and you let us know that you’re done by sweeping off the highchair to the floor.  Shiloh appreciates that.

Ms. Jenny has introduced you to so many foods each day and I just follow her lead.  So far there isn’t a food you haven’t liked.  You have a serious fondness for meat and potatoes, imagine that!  Ms. Jenny decided it might be time for more table food when you started stealing your friends foods at the table.  You’re going to get kicked out of daycare!

On August 3rd you started sleeping through the night.  I think it helps a lot that Ms. Jenny keeps you busy all day with your friends and has you on a great nap schedule.  She is truly the best thing ever!

On August 4th we found your front right tooth and you started pulling up on things.  It was a big day for this momma and my first week back to school.  Talk about stressful!

On August 5th your front left tooth popped through and you spiked a fever that had me FREAKED out.

Here’s our last month in pictures…

We soaked up the last week of summer with our favorites and the pool.

Your favorite person in the world is still BoBo (Brody) and just might always be.
Your face literally lights up when you hear BoBo’s voice or sees him!

I spent the last few days of our summer together making crockpot baby food recipes for you to enjoy. 
The only thing I think you really dislike is avocado, but I’m going to get making you try it because it’s a health fat and momma loves it!

Your hair is growing because I look at this picture (below) and it looks like fuzz on your head and nos you have longer hair!
When I took this picture you were loving scrambled eggs. 
There really isn’t a food you haven’t liked, yet.  
Hence the rolls on your lovely chunky thighs.  

Your little grin is because you were probably picking on your girlfriend, Gracie. 
She puts up with you for so long and then always gets you back. 
You two love to pull hair and be mean to each other but someday I know you’ll be in love!

One of the Father’s Day gifts we got daddy says it all….you do have more hair! 

So much love for your BoBo.  

Papaw Plank built you a baby gate to help keep your corralled in the living room. 
You monitored the situation and helped the men get the job done.   

This was our first morning back to the grind. 
We were both ready on time and even smiling on our way out the door. 
Things changed of course, when the actual drop off took place.  
I cried….you were upset too….but you quickly got over it. 
I didn’t….
July 29th was your first day at Mrs. Jenny’s for the 2016-2017 school year!

Mommy loves her for so many reasons, but ultimately because we know you are safe and loved when you are with her.  

Some days Shiloh loves you….
Most days she does not. 

More baby food by momma!
Hanging with your buddies at daycare – Zach and Elliott!

Momma takes every afternoon snuggle she can possibly get these days.
The days are numbered on snuggling I’m sure. 

We are always grateful when daddy is home. 

Of course we spent time putting away sweet corn with Mamaw and Papaw. 
You loved the fresh sweet corn but slept most of the afternoon during the hard work. 

We took a trip to the Indiana State Fair. 
Of course we took advantage of the amazing lactation room facilities they provided.  
We both enjoyed the air conditioning and free water.  

Your first time to see the cheese sculpture! 

Cousin Shai showed us all her projects. 

The fair really wore you out…..

We thought you were running a fever from teething and mommy freaked at the whole idea of a fever.  
Turns out the dr said you have a virus and you stayed home from daycare for a day. 
And when you returned I got a call because you puked and we snuggled for an afternoon to get rid of all the germs and feel better.  

We had Aunt Holly’s baby shower for Cousin Gentry! 
You and Gentry will probably be the best of buds….only 11 months apart. 

And dinner with Uncle Terry and Aunt Pat after the baby shower too!

You’re the happiest guy in the mornings. 
Thank goodness. 
Because mommy hardly ever is.  

We visited cousin Jeremy’s big shop to help out with the Kammy’s Kause Ride. 
You really liked Jeremy and his cool hat. 

Of course he tried to teach you bad things, like his love for flipping off the camera.  

Probably the biggest deal of all……you were baptized!
and even better….so was daddy! 

 Our little monthly photo shoots are near impossible now that you’re all over the place!
We head to the doctor tomorrow and will have your most up to date measurements.  I feel like you’ve lost weight because you won’t stop moving, but I guess we will find out!

I love you more than dessert Mr. Easton….and that is a lot of love. 

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