Shout Out

Everyone’s journey through motherhood is different.

For me, personally, I knew the moment I was pregnant I wanted to breastfeed and the moment he was born I was like “damn, this is going to be harder than I thought.”
I read every book. 
I researched. 
This baby was suppose to latch on and we were suppose to be best of friends. 
For me, it didn’t work that way.
My goal quickly went from “no less than a year” to “let’s attempt to make it 6 weeks.”
Without the help of my very supportive husband, family, and friends we most certainly wouldn’t be here today. Over 7 months going strong….definitely a champ now. He loves it. I love it. I’m not sure I’ll even be ready to stop when he’s one. So we may not.  I’ll take his lead… It has seriously been one of the greatest blessings of motherhood. 
Easton should probably be the one to thank them but considering his vocab consists of “dada” and violent screaming with clenched hands and endless babble…I’ll take care of it. 
A few people to thank:
1. First and foremost, My husband. You kept me going in the endless hours of night. You used that little syringe of sugar water in our first few days home for every nursing session and helped him get latched on when he was lazy and didn’t want to open up. You drove me to endless weight check appointments and let me sit in the back with E. You let me cry….a lot. You stopped at Starbucks and Jack’s Donuts because you knew it would make me smile. You rubbed my back in the wee hours of the morning while I nursed sitting up in bed barely staying awake. You wiped my tears away when all I wanted was my mom and you knew my heart was broken but that I was strong enough to be a mom without her. You told me it was okay when it got dark out.  You actually told me, “This is going to happen every night babe.”  I cried and you sat right next to me and watched our boy nurse.  You even sat with me on Thanksgiving day in a back bedroom at my dad’s and helped him latch on.  You were there every single step of the way and I’m fairly certain that if you could have jumped in and nursed him to help me out, you would have.  You did eveyrthing, but that.  I could never thank you enough for being one of my biggest cheerleaders.  I know you’re thankful because we’ve saved lots of money, and I also know it’s been hard on you to not have the same bond, but your support means the world.  You know it is what is best so if that’s meant several sacrifices on your part….you’ve done that.

2. My friend, Melissa.  Joy.  Lissa.  Bad Ass Breastfeeding Mom.  She’s a nursing champ and I was fortunate enough that not only did she live right around the corner, but she also was nursing kid #3 who so happens to be Easton’s future wife, Gracie.  We have babies practically the same age and are constantly battling the same issues, minus breastfeeding.  Gracie was a pro from day one, and that didn’t get me down, it was actually an inspiration.  I knew that Easton just needed a bit more practice and DUH….all babies are different.  Melissa went to Target to buy me nipple shields.  She went with me night #2 of being home to breastfeeding group and she continued to go with me almost every Monday and Wednesday.  She knew I needed a friend to go with me and Gracie and Easton quickly became best buds hanging out on boobs.  Melissa has been my constant go to gal for everything breastfeeding….and more (teething, diaper rash, penis issues, etc.).  She’s a momma genius.  She always knows the right thing to say and gets how I’m feeling.  One thing I love about Joy the most is that she understands my sadness over the loss of my mom and although she can’t relate she recognizes that void I have.  She gives credit to it and sometimes that is all I need.  I’ve known her since grade school and back then I had no idea she’d mean this much to me.  I’m so glad our paths crossed again and we are great friend…..boob buddies…..and some day co-mother-in-laws.

3. Lastly, my cousin Sam.  Sammy Jo.  I could text her at any time and she had the answer.  We’ve never lived close enough but we could still tackle the world’s problems together if we needed to.  I remember texting her some issues and she instantly knew I had mastitis coming on.  She told me exactly what to do and thank GOODNESS I listened to her and she knew what she was talking about because within hours I was feeling so much better.  That was the worst “boob flu” I had ever experienced and I did whatever I could to avoid having that again.  She was an inspiration to me and I knew she’d help me meet my goal if I needed her to.

To my sister, Meg, Michelle, and everyone else who told me I could do it.  Thank you.  To those who told me I didn’t have to do it if it was too difficult.  Thank you.  I needed to hear it all.  You were there and our little chunky monkey thanks you.

Tomorrow we are 8 months strong little buddy.  I’m so glad God chose me to be your momma!

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