Me and my girls

I love the women in my life. 
I am truly blessed to be surrounded by some strong ladies. 
If you don’t know….you know now……you don’t want to mess with us. 
I could probably never say THANK YOU enough to Meigan and McKinsey with Blink Photograohy for these special photos. Our day was amazing.  
Not only do we get our special photos of just the two of us, but we also have moments captured with our very best friends and family. 
Moments we can treasure forever. 
My sister.
My MOH and best friend. 

My bridesmaids.

Me and my girls ready to conquer the world….or the day. 

Having fun every moment 

Beautiful with every move they make. 

Dazzling in coral and turquoise…my two favorite colors. 
Damn, they looked good!

Some special shots with my MOH and best friend. 
I know I can face anything in life with her by my side. 
I hope she feels the same way. 

Everyone needs a little duck lips in their life….even on your wedding day. 

And the beautiful cherubs who have looked forward to this day just as much as I had. 

These photos weren’t easy but I’m so glad they turned out so well. 
Each of these little ladies is so special to me.  

I’m not sure what she was checking out.
I think my necklace….

Kisses from the head flower girl who is also my favorite niece and birthday twin!

I love them so much. 
They were so beautiful and so precious despite the mini meltdowns. 
It was a very long day for these angels, but they made it and stayed excited the entire time. 

Too precious….

And our personal recreation of the Bridesmaids movie poster….

We are so hot…even without our heads. 

I love these ladies. 
I love them all. 
Your truly, 
Fortunate Gal

Turquoise Tuesday

I adore fellow blogger Crystal Cattle and her obsession with everything turquoise, including cowboy boots.  She’s quite the blogger inspiration.  We have a few things in common.  We both love turquoise.  We both love boots.  We both love the country life.

One of her recent blog posts inspired me to do some hard core research on the next pair of cowboy boots I wish to own.  Just in case a certain someone might read this and want to purchase me a gift for Christmas or my birthday.  Or just because he loves me.

As she said in her blog post on boots, I highly recommend you to NOT like Country Outfitters on Facebook if you are easily tempted in buying new boots.  I have gained extreme self control on my spending habits so I’m able to look and not buy.  Now if I ever hit the lottery, then you can fugettaboutit.  That’s my new word. Fugettaboutit.

So here goes…..

My boot wish list:

Courtesy of
Corral Women’s Turquoise Cortez/Cream Fleur de Lis
only $159.95!
Courtesy of
Absolutely stunning.  And new.  And a little expensive.
Just a tad bit of turquoise and a possibility of pulling these off with just about any outfit.
Lucchese.  Never owned a pair.  These should be my first.
Just a mere $308.95

A little wild.  A little crazy.  A little me.
Corral Red/Yellow/Turquoise Butterfly boot courtesy of
These would be fun to wear with a bright shirt while I shimmy and two step.
Only $232.95
By far my favorite boot at
The name speaks it all for me and my love of antiques.
Corral Black/Antique Saddle Turquoise Eagle Overlay Boot
I feel like I could wear these with anything, especially with the two tone leathers.
For a spectacularly decent price of $234.95
That’s all for now. 
Happy Boot shopping to y’all!
Wears size 7 1/2,