Mice = trouble in paradise

There were four nights in a row last week that at 9:05 p.m. a little mouse (named Ralph) ran from the kitchen into the living room, around the corner, and hopefully down the cold air return.  I never saw him so I’m assuming that’s where he went.  If he went into the bathroom or bedroom I wouldn’t have slept for days.  So, that’s what I’m telling myself he certainly went down the cold air return. 

My hard working farmer was in the fields late every night so it was up to me to put more poison out, and even traps if I could figure out how.  I texted my dad begging him for help.  His reply, “Scream a lot during the night and M will get the point to do something about the mice.”

That didn’t help. 

No one wanted to help a poor girl out and come set some dang traps.  

Problem with traps.  I could probably set them….but who is gonna come and get them when it actually catches something?  He’s working in the fields so it’s up to me.  And plain and simple….I ain’t got NOTHIN to do with a mouse. 

In fact the second night Ralph entered the living room I was frozen on the couch for 2 hours until I told myself if I screamed loudly and ran straight to bed he would surely be too scared to make another appearance. 

I stressed.  I nagged.  I complained.  None of which worked, by the way.  My man was too dang tired by the time he got home to give a second thought to the fact that I was even in tears at one point thinking mice were taking over my life. 

So…solution.  Poison adds up to a lot of mice poo.  Which tells me, they are still alive.  At this point.  Or, they died taking a crap.  One of the two. 

Either way, I haven’t seen Ralph since last week on Thursday and I’m hoping that was the last of him.  He better have told his little friends to be afraid.  Be very afraid. 

I do want to point out, however, that no matter how much complaining, nagging, and groaning I did…when harvest is going on there’s only one thing this man is concerned about.  Workin in the field and sleep.  I’m trying to be very considerate of this. 

I’m not gonna lie though……harvest can put a huge strain on a relationship. 

Almost done though!  I think I can I think I can…..

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