Another year?!?!

My New Years resolution is to start blogging at least once a week. Ideally I would love to blog twice a week but I’m realistic so I will start small with my goals.

Oh and some other things I resolve just about every year but rarely accomplish…in no particular order:

1. Blog weekly
2. Lose 20 pounds
3. Attend church more often.
4. Visit my mom more often and not just on special days but even those days I just need to cry or talk. I should no longer see it as a scary place.
5. Work on genealogy and make info books for everyone.
6. Visit my grandma no less than once a month.
7. Set my sewing machine up and use it.
8. Be a cupcake extraordinaire.
9. Finish several of my crosstitch projects.
10. Never bring papers home to grade. Ya right!

I think the list could probably go on to at least 20 but I’ve worn myself out just thinking about how busy I will be in 2012.

Here’s to 2012!

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