Wake up calls

If there’s anything I love more than my family and M it’s probably seeing my dad smiling.

We all went to karaoke Wednesday and I had the chance to see my dad just glow and shine. He has such an amazing voice and really loves to sing. He sang old gospels. He sang some patriotic numbers. He and I sang Ike and Tina’s version of “Proud Mary'”.

That was my favorite moment. During one of the instrumental breaks we looked at each other and grinned. I don’t know what he was thinking but I will tell you what I was thinking.

I am so lucky to have my Dad. He is always looking out for me. He uses his big ole heart to help others all the time. He loves his kids and family. He comes to my rescue whenever I need him. He just always wants to help. Not just me, but anyone.

You see there are constant reminders that life is short. Our family had another moment recently in which we were sympathetic to an unfortunate and familiar situation. These types of situations make me do two things.

1) always instantly miss my mom and grieve a little bit while thinking of that person realizing they now understand that very same hurt

2) thank God that I still have my Dad, sister, brother, M, aunts and uncles, and friends who are family.

I like to think of these as God’s little wake up calls to be thankful, gracious, and appreciative.

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