8 years ago

I remember it very well. All of us huddled into a waiting room at St. V’s for the announcement that the beginning of our next generation was here. The time came and tears were flowing. CW was here and my Bub’s face was glowing like the morning sun in July. If nothing else came from that day it was probably the most rewarding to see him so incredibly proud.  I have an old picture of a long lasting gaze at his first born that I so wish I could find.  It was before snapfish and this here laptop so I’d have to scan it in.  Maybe someday…. It’s definitely a picture that speaks a thousand words.

In 8 little years CW and I have made some pretty incredible memories together. My first nephew. My first chance to be an aunt. He will always hold this spot in my heart filled with Steak n Shake milkshakes, trips to the Harley Store, exploring at the Children’s Museum, slumber parties, movies all night long, Build a Bear trips, Oreo dunking, ice cream truck chasing, and bike riding goodness.

Here’s that chunky and adorable face we all loved the minute we met him. 

But I’m not going to lie. His birthday means he’s one year closer to becoming a teenager and one year closer to not having any time for me. Frankly that sucks. I wish he could be little and be mine forever. But that’s just not how this crap works. They grow up. Things change. Such is life.

Still doesn’t mean I have to like it.

This picture may be the reason that snot and boogers totally gross me out. 

I want him to be able to look back and read this and recall some of my favorite memories. So here goes:

The time I picked you up from my bub and you had this list of things you wanted us to do. I was overwhelmed but joyed that the thought of us spending time together got you so excited you wanted to plan every single minute. You are a pretty cool kid.

Here’s the list you wrote me.  I made your order them in the order of importance because it was impossible for us to accomplish all those things in one day. 

Trips to Children’s Museum sparks a ton. We went a lot. Probably my favorite was our trip with just the two of us. Pretty special. Lots of laughs.

You and me looking at the Chihuly glass exhibit. 

A different trip.  Such a poser you are. 

Being asked if you were mine at a gas station and you telling the old guy there was no way because I wasn’t old enough. Then you told me that when I did get married I should have kids because I would be a cool mom. I was driving and cried a bit. You went on to talk about Legos… or Transformers. Subjects change quick with you.

Having you for the fair so you can be a part of that special time that me, your dad, and Aunt K had when we were kids.  4-H was a part of our lives and we want it to be a part of yours too.

Here’s you showing a sheep, mainly just for me.  You said, “I’m never doin that again Addie.”
And so my dear sweet boy I wish you a happy 8th birthday.  I hope that the next year is full of fun and good times with your dearest and favorite Aunt Addie.  I also hope and wish you live your life to the fullest with no regrets and stuff….but seriously you’re only going to be 8, not 18.  Ugh, that just made sick to my stomach even typing it.  
I hope, that for my sake, you continue to think I’m the coolest aunt ever.  I hope you never outgrow running to give me a big hug.  To be honest, the first time you don’t do that I’ll probably go ahead and admit myself to the psych ward.  I just never want you to stop loving me because I promise you buddy, there is nothing that can ever make me not love you…MORE. 
Just a few more of your past birthday memories to share…
Your 5th birthday party…
Your 3rd birthday party…

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