I’m not a runner….yet.

BUT, I shaved 28 minutes off my 10 mile time.  I couldn’t believe myself yesterday.  I told myself before my 10 miler that I was going to jog half a mile then walk half a mile until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

You see, the last time I did 10 miles I walked the entire thing.  Still an accomplishment, but I wanted something more.  

Really I thought this whole idea would last about 4 miles, but something pushed me to go above that into 8 miles.  Once I got to 8 my knees were hurting pretty bad.  I didn’t want to screw anything up, but I also wanted to just get it over with at that point.  It was almost like I couldn’t feel my legs anymore.  I could feel the blister growing on my toe though.  That sucked.

So, I came to my last loop into the park.  I started setting goals.  I was going to start jogging at the next post and go until the post down the road.  It really made things go faster and probably in those last 2 miles I ended up jogging at least three quarters of it, if not more.

I truly amazed myself.  I have to give some props to God, as always, because there were a few songs playing on my iPhone that made me think of my mom.  I know for sure she was there with me.  I asked God to just help me get through this and make her proud.  I knew if I could shave some time off my previous 10 mile time that she would be proud. 

Just as I was finishing and about ready to hear “You’ve reached 10 miles” the Sun came out.  It had been hiding those last few miles and got really chilly.  I’ll take that as a sign from my mom.  She always knew how to brighten up a place.  I’m pretty sure if she were here today she would be joining my in my journey of becoming a runner/walker.  She always loved to stay active.

Oh, and I’ve decided to change the name of it to wogging.  It’s more of a walk/jogging process for me. 

I finished my 10 miles in 2:16.  Last time it was 2:44.  I’ll take it.  

So, I’m not a runner…..yet.  But it’s all getting very addicting. For now I’ll be a wogger. 

Here’s my favorite Brooks running shoes….everyone needs to hit up The Blue Mile and get your fit on.  Totally worth it. 

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