I’m kind of an anxious person in general.

This week I feel like its reached it’s maximum level inside me. 1) end of the year at work 2) the mini marathon on Saturday has me freaked.

The end of the year stuff is pretty typical. Some things are making it worse but I can’t go into too much detail there.

As for the mini. Well I received an email today with WEATHER ALERT as the subject line and it threw me into panic mode. I have worked pretty hard for this since like February or maybe even before that. But through this whole training process I’ve only ran on one day of extreme heat and humidity. We really haven’t had all that many days of extreme heat this spring. So am I really ready for it now that they’re calling for “high risk” conditions? My body does NOT do well in heat. I’m fair skinned and chunky so I burn easily and then my fat causes serious sweat and overheating. It’s not pretty. And then I get real cranky. Like major bitch mode.

Everyone tells me I’ll be fine. Deep down I’m fairly certain I will but every little reminder of the mini throws me over the edge. I just want Saturday to be here. I’m ready to do it and do it well!

And then I’m ready to have an extremely cold beer right after. Maybe more than one.

P.S. to my fitness pals – WOGGERS FOR LIFE! 🙂

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