Summer end blues

I’m a planner. I like to know what’s going on all of next week before this weekend has even started.

I get easily stressed when there isn’t a plan. Or I’m unaware of it.

My guy is a perfect balance for me for that very reason. He is not a planner. He is a man. As my very wise 6 year old niece says, “He’s just a man all day.” He is very laid back and a go with the flow kind of guy. It’s frustrating most of the time Hell, its absolutely irritating and annoying at certain times But, I also know that it’s good I have him around. To remind me to slow down and enjoy life. Take it one day at a time. God definitely had a part in matching us up together. Him and a few friends with a wonderful idea.

Anyways. So I’m stressed on July 12th because my summer is quickly coming to an end. School starts back up August 1st this year as we go to a “balanced calendar.”

I’ve been in my classroom tons. Going crazy over implementing all these wonderful Pinterest ideas. Going nuts. I don’t even know where to stop anymore. I just have lists and lists of Pinterest ideas I want to do for both the classroom and at home. I need a publishers clearing house check. ASAP

I love being back in the classroom. I love the school supply aisles in the store. I love meeting a new batch of cherubs that I get to mold throughout the next year into responsible young adults. I love just about everything about my job, minus the paperwork part.

What I don’t love is the end of summer. I don’t love that I won’t get to lay by the pool everyday if I want. I don’t love that I won’t get to spend several days a week with my niece and nephews and sister. I don’t love that I won’t be able to stay up til 2 am reading and sleep in past 8. I don’t love that I feel like my freedom is flying away like a jet plane.

Summer was short this year. I feel like I have the right to be depressed. Just let me be.

Feeling blah,

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