Ask and you shall receive!

I have some amazing family and friends who totally stepped it up and followed through.  For that I want to give a holler to those who love me so. 

Sister: What ever would I do without you?  My sister, my friend, my motherly advice.  I could never put into words how grateful I am for you in my life. 

Aunt Cathy: My friend, my middle name, my go to phone call.  Mom use to say we were too much alike.  I think we’re “just right” alike. 

Aunt Beth: I’m so very lucky to have not one, but many amazing aunts and you are one of them.  I always wanted to be a teacher….just because of you. 

Aunt Shelly: You met me at one of the biggest moments of my life.  Too bad I can’t remember.  I couldn’t be more pleased you are part of our family.  I can go to you for anything, but what I love best is your hugs. 

Aunt Susie: Quiet and calm in this crazy storm we call a family.  Like a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Cousin Tracy: A big support, a back seat on your Harley, and someone I admire for everything you are and everything you do. 

Heidi @ Ramblings of a Farmers Wife and a Mommy’s Life : A blogging buddy, a sweet neighbor, a gal pal to vent to, and a beautifully amazing friend.  Your story inspires me.  It’s why I read you daily. 

Michelle: My sister from another mister.  It’s a good thing our parents became best friends all those years ago because I couldn’t imagine my life without ya. 

Joe and Chrissy: My brother from another mother and his wifey.  Jong-O-E.  I’ll never forget the torture of honey in Gatlinburg and our own little language. 

Chris and Ang: Family is who you surround yourself with.  Good thing we have handsome/beautiful folks like y’all around.  The giggles are endless when you are near.  Something very special about the two of you. 

Joy: You use to be a friend of a friend.  Now you’re just a friend.  Thank you for being that friend.  Who I could always count on to compliment my chest.  Nuff said. 

Mindy H: You’re far away but still a pal.  Always keep in touch. 

Heather @ 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs : 4-H has brought us together as blogging buddies and friends.  I love seeing your family once a year and watching your littles grow. 

Jessie H: You’re an inspiration when my mind says, “I can’t.”  I know somewhere out there you’ve probably just ran 20 miles and you’re probably still going.  Keep being awesome. 

Claudia: Friend, follower, and always a sweet memory of my mother.  Those things I hold very dear. 

Carla: Miss working with you but love catching up through our social networks and random family/friend gatherings.  The time we did get to work together is always cherished…and maybe someday again!

Jason and Nicole: A true inspiration to kicking ass and taking names when you want something.  Two quiet people when I met you.  One awesomely loud lady now that I know her.  We could really do some destruction if we spent too much time together. 

Taylor: Thank you for being a follower. 

Lori O: I love Lori because I have no idea who she is.  I know we’ve never met in real life.  She’s my first mystery follower.  That….is pretty darn cool. 

Thank you to everyone for reading my randomness.  I enjoy writing because it’s my avenue of therapy. 

Everyone has a story.  I hope you find mine worth reading for quite some time. 

Flattered and Thankful,

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