Labor Free Weekend

I had such an enjoyable, relaxing, labor free weekend. 

 The weekend started with the Rascal Flatts concert and a girls night out.  This quote about the evening sums it up well, “I’m not proud of it, but we had fun.”  I mean we only live once, right? 

Before the concert with the Whelchel gals and friends!

Then Saturday was quite a lazy day until I was surprised by an evening date with the love of my life.  He shocked me when he said, “We have reservations at 8:30.  Get ready.”

I don’t do so well with surprise, but I try and go with the flow the best I can when he has a love spark!

Before date night….and I still don’t know where we are headed. 

A little stop on the way to our date night.  I won $55 on these tickets!

Sunday was a nice trip with my aunt and cousin to visit with my grandma.  I don’t know if I just didn’t understand my grandma’s humor when I was younger or that she has just gotten more hilarious with age.  We had a nice lunch and a nice drive through a local park even though the weather was gloomy from Hurricane Isaac.  On our drive through the local park we found some interesting creatures….and signs. 

What the truck? A one legged duck?

Slow Sbeed Bumps Ahead….but what you can’t see is the picture of a car popping a wheelie!

Then we traveled on over to a sweet little place called The Rodeo Shop to do some boots, jeans, and jewelry shopping. 

I fell in love with these….

It’s always good to “get out of town” even if for a day!

And we ended our lovely three day weekend with some comfort food.  I would have preferred to grill out one last time but quite frankly the weather led me to cooking up some comfort food instead.  Ya know….the kind of food that weighs you down and keeps you on the couch all night?  And it cooked all day in the stove so by the time it was ready our mouths were just salivating. 

cubed steak, green bean casserole, mac n cheese, and cornbread
Meal idea courtesy of Aunt C!

So now we are on to just a little bit of a work week.  I’ve got to see my littles sometime real soon.  My life feels a little incomplete without their hugs and kisses!

Have a fabulous four day week!

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