A new and old tradition

Years ago my mom use to take the time to make and roll the homemade sugar cookie dough. Then we would all stand around the kitchen bar and help cut out cookies. We would decorate and cover them with little cinnamon candies and sugar crystals. I remember it being so much fun.

Today I realized how much work all of that really was for her. Wow, I completely underestimated the time she devoted to making the dough, the patience it took to roll out the dough and work with each of us. She made us feel special and gave us each our own cookie sheet to fill up with our special ones.

Today we did that with the littles after a chili lunch with the family. We didn’t have their patience and devotion for the full time, but for the time we did have it….it was well worth it. Thank goodness my sister was here to give the patience for rolling out dough. I just didn’t have it. Thank goodness for Holly and her icing skills.

Little B enjoyed just pouring on the sugar and eating bits of chocolate while he did.

Miss Princess was the most devoted taking her time to help us ladies in the kitchen with rolling and cutting our each cookie.

Little C just came in when his cookie sheet was ready for him. Still, he was creative in his endeavor and tried his hardest at this “girly” stuff.

We even used the same type of cookie cutters that we use to do.

I believe this will be a new Sunday afternoon tradition before Christmas. I’m looking forward to it.

I always look forward to family time.

And I felt her with us all throughout the day….love that feeling.

Have a wonderful week,


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