One on One

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some one on one time with my mini me.  At first I tried to convince her momma to give me both kids because she deserved the break, but she expressed that mini me wanted it to just be me and her.  I’m sure glad she spoke up.  We needed that bonding time.  I realized it’s probably hard for her to always be overlooked because of her cute and smaller little brother.  He needs more attention, naturally, because he requires someone changing his pants and wiping his nose.

So we spent the day….just hanging out.  Nothing special.  We went to the other nephew’s basketball game.  We ate lunch at her favorite, Steak n Shake (and my favorite too).  We shopped at Menard’s and Home Depot.  She wasn’t too thrilled but she participated.  We hung out at home and made Valentine’s.  We went grocery shopping.  We watched those annoying lovely Disney shows.  We had a few disagreements.  

A few things I realized from my day with the princess: 
1. If I was anything like that (which I’m told I was) when I was little, then I want my mom to know I’m sorry for giving her such a hard time.
2. I would also tell my mom, “You’re welcome” for constantly making her giggle.  The girl knows how to spout her sass at just the right moment for a good laugh. 
3. Take the iPod away from the little before your day together to avoid all conflict. 
Overall, we had an enjoyable day.  I didn’t create any magnificent memories with her, but just the time together…a little one on one….was all we needed.  
Oh….and speaking of Valentine’s Day.  I can’t recall a day so wonderful.  My students surprised me with a bundle of treats that day.  
Your truly fortunate aunt and teacher, 

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