Be there.

Wow….it’s been a month today since I’ve had a chance to sit down and  collect my thoughts on here.  Each time I’ve attempted it’s caused some anxiety. Putting my thoughts into words with everything going on has proven to be apparently too difficult for me.  

Basically it boils down to this.  My heart literally hurts for my friends who are like family.  There are so many positive changes in the last few days that I feel like peace has finally found them.  Part of me cannot imagine what they are going through….yet again I kind of can. Then it brings back so many awful and some happy times.  Besides the pain I feel for them and the feeling of not knowing what to do to help… is just life in the fall. 
My guy is hardly home due to work.  School is in full swing and papers to grade are constantly haunting me. Weekends are jam packed with family and friends.  Trying to squeeze in as many pool days as we can before the chilly air arrives. 
More than any of the above I want to be there for my best friends and their family. It’s been difficult finding the right thing to say.  What I’ve found is that sometimes the more important thing to do is say nothing….and just listen. Be the ear they need to talk to.  Be the shoulder to lean on.  Be the support system. Just be there. 

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