Park or Neutral?

I want to be really honest with all of you and fill you in on a terrible blonde moment I had…and still have at moments.

Now, technically I’m not legit blonde but I tend to have my moments.

A few years ago (or 10+) when I first took my car through a car wash I had no idea you were suppose to put the dang thing in neutral.

So, I rolled up…quite nervous…and put it in park.

Needless to say it caused some serious issues, men yelling at me, a few tears…and total embarrassment.

To this day I think about that moment every single time I drive up to a car wash.  I actually don’t like going through car washes at all.  It isn’t the fear of being trapped inside at all.  It isn’t the noise.  It’s actually the set up that absolutely terrifies me.

Every single blessed time they yell at me.

Rightfully so I suppose….I can’t ever seem to do it right.

Some how I can’t get the tires lined up correctly.  I’ve also been forgetful and left out the part of putting my car in neutral before.  Yes, even after the first incident of putting it in park.

Thursday was really terrifying.  It was bitterly cold outside but I knew the Jeep needed washed to at least get the build up of salt gone.  So, I decided I would stop in at the car wash before heading home to the nice warm garage and she would be fine.

A little bit of panic set in as I rolled up but I was on the phone with my sister so that helped to calm my nerves.  I paid the guy and rolled up further and immediately knew this jack hole with the hose was going to yell because I never get it lined up right.  And he did.  First he pointed left.  Then he pointed right.  Then he was shaking his head almost wanting to say to me, “Stupid lady pay attention.”

Finally I got it done and threw it in NEUTRAL.  Yes, neutral this time.

Deep breath and I’m in.


my battery light goes on.

I mean instant panic!  What the heck do you do when your battery light goes on in a car wash?  Sure those roller thingies will push you right out…but what if they don’t?  It’s not like you can get out of your car to go and get help!  I would be drenched!

I’m telling my sister and she’s laughing hysterically as I explain that this is the kind of crap that happens to me.  She trumps me with the card of, “Oh you didn’t have to pull frozen poop out of your dog’s butt yesterday!”  You win sister, you win.

The whole 2 minutes it takes me to go through seems like an eternity as I sit and wonder if I’ll really make it out or be the laughing stock of the Mike’s Car Wash.

Finally, I’m close to Elmo on the swing and that stop light and it’s a green….and the car goes!

And the battery light finally goes off.

I’m thinking my jeep didn’t like the cold….to hot water….back to cold deal and she complained by throwing up some snotty warning light that freaked me the heck out.

Either way…I’m alive.

And I still hate car washes.

And I have no clue why they always yell at me and can’t just line up my car for me.

And why isn’t there a sign that says PUT IN NEUTRAL….or is there and I just don’t pay attention?

Who knows.

For now I’ll be thankful that I’ve finally figured out the park and neutral deal and also be grateful I made it out of the car wash alive this week.  It may be the last time for a while.


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