Meet the Maids #6

My Jeffer.  My favorite babysitter ever.  My friend.

She likes to spell things with breadsticks.
She’s always there giving great advice, reminding me of who I really need to turn to.
She makes every party fun….HER party, that is.
She’s been there for our family literally from the beginning….to the girl down the road who babysat to the friend of my mom, myself, and my sister.

I’m so glad you will be a part of our special day….I can’t imagine doing all this without you and the rest of my crew by my side!

Probably one of our first photos together.  Me singing…and you looking….annoyed?

The night of your first ever PARTY!
Oh….we had some good laughs!  Look at sweet little Cheyanne learning so much!
My 18th birthday!
Krista’s wedding!
And my favorite.  I’ve had this in my photo album/scrapbook I made as a young child for many many years.
I always idolized you!
Still do!

XOXO jeffer!

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