Guys {Wedding}

Some of the main men in both of our lives stood by our side on the day we wed.  
These guys are important to us both…for many reasons. 
These dudes are there for all the ups and downs, but their presence is a little bit quieter than my chicks.  Please take no offense to that.  There is something about this group of guys.  Something we are so blessed with.  Their quiet presence keeps my guy sane.  Reminds him how to be a good man, a man of his word.  
Not only were they handsome as hell…..but also the best guys I could ever ask to stand by my husbands side as we take that next step.  

A best man (and giant) Dave. 
I’m always thankful for him looking out for my husband.  

My cousin, Joel.  
Sometimes I worry he married me for him.  

His good buddy Cody.  I love Cody, his wife, his whole family. 
I wish we were neighbors again….

Of course my new brother-in-law, David.  
Wish we lived closer to them too!

My handsome brother Joshy.  

A good welcome to the family handshake.  

My best bud Ted.  
Some say Ted should have stood on my side. 
Ted wasn’t comfortable wearing a dress.  
Maybe he should have but I know he is just as big of a fan of Mike as I am so it was totally cool to have him on his side.  

This may be one of my favorites….
The dudes were suppose to look away.  
Please notice TED who is not only NOT looking away, but also drooling over my garter reveal. 
That is why I love Teddy.  

Some cool jumping shots.  

Thanks again to Meigan with Blink Photography and McKinsey for the amazing pics!
Your truly,

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