Feeling Accomplished {2}

I told ya I redecorated the house.  
I feel like all our wedding gifts are finally put away and everything has its place. 
We even have wedding pictures up!
We ordered a beautiful canvas from Meigan, our photographer, and I can’t wait to get that up above the couch too. 
Now, I totally apologize for the crappy camera quality. 
I have this super nice camera and I’ve been neglecting my blog fans by using my cell camera because it is totally easier to upload from my cell than the nice camera. 
I gotta do better on that…
So, as for the redecoration…
I’ve always wanted to use old family photos to make a gallery wall up the stars.  
I absolutely LOVE old photos.  
Photos of our grandparents, and great grandparents, and parents when they started dating.
They mean so much to me and I want to look at them every day.  
My husbands response to the pic below….
“Why is there an & sign in our hallway?”
I don’t know the answer really. 
It was part of a wedding gift and I really liked it there babe. 
Now, of course, I’m second guessing myself.  

The shadow box below is loaded with wedding memories. 
It has my garter, ny veil, my jewelry, the butterfly release envelope, our program, a picture, his boutonniere.  Stuff you want to keep and don’t know what to do with.  

My sister would throw up at the next one. 
She despises 8×10’s. 
I kind of love them when they are thrown with other stuff. 
Plus, my eyes are bad and it makes life a little better when I can see things.  

Here’s a barn window from an old family barn. 
It’s in the upstairs hallway and I have no clue what pictures I’m putting on it. 
Ideas, anyone? 

And the other window we used at our reception. 
We had some amazing wedding family photos.  I’ll have to share those on another blog. 
I wanted them all up in our house but couldn’t figure out the best way to do it. 
My dad also purchased the “Family” sign for us up in Shipshewana. 
I kind of like that I took an old letter “S” we had, some wedding ribbon, and those photos to make it all work.  

Had to keep the angel wings above the piano. 
Added some of the wedding photos we used for our Heaven table and the “House Blessing” gift from our pastor. 

We had our guests sign a HUGE framed monogram and I love reading these occasionally.  
My personal favorite are the misspellings of some of my favorite littles. 
Can’t wait to pick on them and show them one day when they are older and too cool for me.  

I’ve gone picture crazy, as you can see.  
Still a pile of things to hang above the couch when we get the canvas.  
Swapped some old frames out. 
Took some pictures to work with me. 
Took some upstairs where our walls were empty. 
And we still have a million frames. 
What can I say….I love pictures!

The hubby got a new TV for his birthday.  
Which means, I finally got my antique red kitchen table up and more pics on it. 
Bought some empty books to stack pics and help with heighth issues at Hobby Lobby. 
Plus, I can stash my millions of cash in there. HA, ya right!
This is the red kitchen table he went back to Franklin, IN for just to surprise me on Christmas. 
Then, I ran over it Christmas night because I backed into the garage and forgot it was there.  

And here is our somewhat empty spare bedroom.  
Can anyone guess why it’s empty? 

Ahhh….a complete house. 
For now!

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