Happy July!

July means….
1. Hopefully tons of pool time.  Come on weather. I need you to cooperate. Not just for me but mainly for my farmer family and friends. Enough with the rain and out with the sun. Crops need to dry but grow a bit more and I need a better tan too!

2. We get to find out what the baby is! The tiny party is planned for our immediate family and few friends. We have the box to hide the balloons in and food is all set up! Next Wednesday I will probably be very impatient. In the morning the dr will know BUT we will not know. Then we will take the note to our friend Jennifer at the local flower shop and it will be her job to fill the box with the right color of balloons!  That night we will gather outside and see what this bambino is. I can’t wait! I’m a major planner so I’m totally ready for this next phase of planning…..nursery decor, registry, the works. So exciting! 
3. KTs wedding! Can’t wait for my good friend KT to come home and marry the love of her life…..Ruud. It is going to be a beautiful wedding and so much fun!
4. We are traveling out West to see my bro and sis- in law and glamp at Yellowstone. 8 days out west! We will spend most of our time in Idaho with them but plan to venture off for a couple of days around our 1 year anniversary to glamp in beautiful Yellowstone. I cannot wait to see Mother Nature at its finest. Most of you know I miss, terribly, living in the country. I can’t wait to see what true country life means. The beautiful mountains and amazing wildlife and plants. 
And ONE year?  How has it really already been one year. It seems like yesterday. Sure we’ve had some pretty difficult challenges in this first year but it still doesn’t seem like 12 months has passed! He’s definitely my forever even on the days I slam doors and pout. He knows it’s just the fetus talking. I’ll never be able to tell him how thankful I am for the changes he made for our family. I can’t imagine where we would be without that big step he took. 
Sure it’s no Yellowstone but that cruise to the Bahamas was a grand way to kick off our wedded bliss baby….

And lastly and LEASTLY
I’m not even acknowledging what the end of the month brings. I will NOT get depressed this year about the start of school. Too many exciting things to come in the fall.
At least I’m going to tell myself I won’t get depressed. 
Wish me luck on that. I love my job but I tend to get pretty weepy when I know my extensive time with family and friends is winding down. 
If we could just all live on a compound together that would be great. I’d be a much happier person and my husband probably would go crazy. 
Oh July…..LET’S DO THIS!

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