The Truth Behind Meal Planning

Here’s the truth behind meal planning

See that August calendar?  See all the changes? 
That’s real life people.  
Shit happens and momma don’t feel like cooking.  
Or, poppa goes out of town and momma finds all the possible excuses to go to dinner with girlfriends and their cherubs.  
Lots of arrows.  Lots of crossing out.  
That’s the truth behind meal planning.  
The best part about meal planning is.  I buy groceries for the week based on my meals I’m planning.  BUT, if we didn’t get to eat a meal I purchased groceries for the week before….then guess what? 
We are eating it the following week instead and that is less groceries to purchase!
It’s a beautiful thing. 
Wanna know what’s not beautiful? 
A 1 year old who refuses to eat a decent meal. 
A husband who works his ass off and is hardly ever home to eat my home cooked meal. 
A wife who basically cooks a meal for herself. 
A raging toddler who throws that delicious meal at the dog. 
A beastly little 1 year old who claims he’s “hungy” and wants to “eat” all the time but once it’s time to sit down at the dinner table he screams like a lunatic at what you’ve prepared. 
Those things are not beautiful at all. 
In fact, they’re enough to make me lose my shit on a nightly basis. 
But, I’ll try again. 
Here’s my plan for September and maybe there won’t be as m any arrows? 
One can hope!

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