Time for a change

It was time for a change.

FPF Blog Header

Time to change my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

Blogger was no longer user friendly and incredibly frustrating to use on my phone.  Let’s face it – half the time I do have a free moment I only have my phone available.  It seems the little one is like a crack addict with my iPad or computer and if it comes out he expects to use it.  I’ve tried telling him no.  It’s such a hassle to hear the whining….You feel me?

So, now I can blog from my phone easier!  Hopefully that means you’ll see more of me.  I’ve been AWOL since we found out we’re expecting again.

Truth be told – I’m exhausted and if I do have a spare moment then I’d rather sleep than write to you.

I’ve got some new designs in the works and hope to blog more.

For now….

With love,

I miss you Bahamas...

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