Trick or Treat!

Easton’s 1st Halloween!
Of course like all things with parenthood it didn’t quite go as perfectly planned. 
Found an adorable fluffy squishy wolf costume. 
He was terrified. 
We tried it multiple times over the course of October with no luck. 
So, 10 days before Halloween momma orders this cute astronaut costume. 
And because I (momma) firmly believe in family costumes for as long as everyone will play my little game we made daddy “Houston” because “Houston, we have a problem” and mommy “Milkyway” because …..well….you know.  
We had fun with our cousins trick or treating Saturday afternoon in on Main Street. 

Visiting Aunt Cathy

Of course Brody can’t take a normal picture….goof ball!

Visiting Papaw in the fields

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa S

 Then on Sunday we decided to carve a pumpkin and see what the guts felt like. 
He was quite disgusted. 

Early this morning we got him dressed for Mrs. Jenny’s Halloween party and at 6:30 am he was less than thrilled about being dressed up.  

After playing with his friends all day we made a few stops for Halloween. 
Visited Great Great Aunt Mary

And Mamaw

And some more fun at Aunt Cathy’s with her beautiful backdrops…

So tired of getting in and out of his carseat…

Last stop to see if we could convince Gentry to come out and see cousin Colton. 
He was terrified of Colton…

And Gentry stayed in….but we got to see Aunt Holly!

We love the crafts he makes with Mrs. Jenny!


Best Christmas Ever

Every year I find myself thinking….wow…that was the best Christmas ever!  Every year it just keeps getting better!  How is that even possible?

It helps to have more excitement each year from the little ones.  To see their expressions as they open each gift.  To watch them open toys immediately after opening.  To see what they play with the rest of the afternoon.  To see my brother and sister watch their little ones faces light up with joy.  To see my dad smile and enjoy everyone at home again.

Yesterday was magical.  The day flew by way too fast, as it always does.

We spent late into Christmas Eve and early Christmas morning with my guys family.  We played Mexican Dominoes Christmas Eve while watching the marathon of Duck Dynasty.  That show may be the very reason we invest in cable after moving.

Early Christmas morning we opened presents together and enjoyed each other’s company before heading to his parents again for more presents to open and his dad’s famous breakfast.

Then we headed to my dad’s for presents with my family and lunch.

There are many things I love about yesterday…

I love that my dad wrapped everything individually for M and I so we would have more to open.  We had a very nice gift from him but it should have only been one thing.  He felt bad so he wrapped the individual items separately so we would have more to open and not be left out.

I love that the oldest little spent the afternoon writing in his new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself book. Then sweet middle little who insists on doing everything he does because she adores him so much did the same.

 I love that she looks up to him so much.  I wish he knew that sometimes her sassy attitude is just her wanting his attention so badly.  I wish they could have more in common, but I guess I should face it that they are almost two years apart and different genders.  Not a whole lot they can agree on!

I love that we watched all three of them pass out the gifts, just as we once did.  Little B just ran back and forth and the older ones told him who to deliver to.  It was so cute.

Little B and his new shoes that made him so fast!

I loved that we sat around the dining room table eating lunch together with the littles at the bar behind us.  Just like when we were kids.  It was a moment I wished could have lasted a little longer.  We don’t all get to sit down and just leave the every day hustle and bustle behind.

I love that I am blessed with an amazing gift giving family. The best part of gift giving is seeing the joy on the other person’s face after they have opened your present.  We do presents one by one so everyone can enjoy it.

I love that my sister is the best gift giver ever and she loves to do it. She got me this amazing “statement” necklace and she was so excited to watch me open it.  She definitely has a gift for gift giving

I love that my niece bought special gifts for many of us from a “store” at her school. She must get it from her momma.  I wanted to cry watching each of us open her special gifts.  Her face.  Their expressions.  Her face to see their excitement.  She is just like her momma….a huge gift giving heart.  I loved it.  I got this ring that is our birthstone and a special AUNT pen.  Straight from her heart.  She even gave her Unkie a compass so he wouldn’t get lost when he went hunting.  She gave each person she loved something special just for them.

My special gift.  


I love that my dad can smile again at Christmas and that he has found someone special to do so with.  Watching them exchange gifts use to be hard when I was bitter.  Thanks to years of time and healing it’s enjoyable again.  They both have a love for their families and a love for each other.

I hope each of you had an amazing Christmas.

I hope each of you have stayed safe, warm, and cozy during this so called “blizzard” of 2012.

May you continue to be blessed with His love and find peace, comfort, and joy throughout the rest of this amazing holiday season.

One Lucky Lady,

A peek inside

We have decked the halls.  Have you? 

I love putting out Christmas decorations.  We did it weeks ago but I’m just now getting around to sharing it with all of you.  My apologies.

This year was different.  As I put out decorations I realized that so many of my mom’s Santa and snowmen collection were missing.  I thought….wait a second.  Who has all that stuff?  I called my sister.  I called my dad.  We couldn’t figure it out.  Then it dawned on us that it was probably all in the barn and had been there since she passed and we had all moved out years ago. 

So, my main man went a hunting for it all….

God love him.
In the attic.  No decorations to be found.
But he searched and searched.

The next day we located them all in the barn.  I brought them to our house.  Went through them and placed things around the house.  We are now officially “full” of Christmas decorations between hand me downs from family, my mom’s collection, and my own things I’ve purchased throughout the years. 

Here are some of my favorite things around the house at Christmas….

Pillows that my mom use to put in a rocking chair. 

An old Christmas photo of my mom and her siblings. 

This little gem lights up, but is also on its last leg.  The twigs are barely hanging on. 

This was one of my first Christmas decoration purchases years ago at the Warm Glow Candle store. 

I believe my grandma painted this box set that fits into one another very easily for a nice piece to put away.  I need to check on that fact with my sister. 

Another snowman from her collection that I love, and that is also barely hanging on. 

My nativity.  Willow Tree.  Pieces missing but complete in my heart!

The 2012 Willow Tree angel ornament that my guy’s mother bought me last year for my birthday.  I hang it all year long.  I love Willow Trees….in case you can’t tell yet. 

One of my favorite ornaments.  My Poppa and I at the Girl Scout line dance years ago. 

The advent calendar we used as kids.  I think my mom got it from Avon.  Move the mouse to the day.  I loved doing that every morning. 

Mom’s Santa collection.  I was so excited to find all these this year. 

More of her Santa’s.

My favorite Santa.  Farmer Santa. 

A Santa that Dad tells me she bought in Pigeon Forge. 

No mantle this year so we make do with an end table. 

Our tree this year. 

An old sled with some lighted garland. 


Picture ornaments are the best.  That’s why we are making one this Friday in my classroom. 

Last year’s ornament that his mom got us.  So cute!

A doggie ornament for Shiloh!

I made this a LONG time ago at church.  Now she is our angel.  It’s at the top of the tree. 

This one sings.  Too often, in my opinion. 

Isn’t she precious?

And now she’s pissed off at me because of the hat. 
Hey, I don’t have kids…so I get to do this kind of thing to her for now. 

Merry Christmas to You and Yours! Lots of Love.