A peek inside

We have decked the halls.  Have you? 

I love putting out Christmas decorations.  We did it weeks ago but I’m just now getting around to sharing it with all of you.  My apologies.

This year was different.  As I put out decorations I realized that so many of my mom’s Santa and snowmen collection were missing.  I thought….wait a second.  Who has all that stuff?  I called my sister.  I called my dad.  We couldn’t figure it out.  Then it dawned on us that it was probably all in the barn and had been there since she passed and we had all moved out years ago. 

So, my main man went a hunting for it all….

God love him.
In the attic.  No decorations to be found.
But he searched and searched.

The next day we located them all in the barn.  I brought them to our house.  Went through them and placed things around the house.  We are now officially “full” of Christmas decorations between hand me downs from family, my mom’s collection, and my own things I’ve purchased throughout the years. 

Here are some of my favorite things around the house at Christmas….

Pillows that my mom use to put in a rocking chair. 

An old Christmas photo of my mom and her siblings. 

This little gem lights up, but is also on its last leg.  The twigs are barely hanging on. 

This was one of my first Christmas decoration purchases years ago at the Warm Glow Candle store. 

I believe my grandma painted this box set that fits into one another very easily for a nice piece to put away.  I need to check on that fact with my sister. 

Another snowman from her collection that I love, and that is also barely hanging on. 

My nativity.  Willow Tree.  Pieces missing but complete in my heart!

The 2012 Willow Tree angel ornament that my guy’s mother bought me last year for my birthday.  I hang it all year long.  I love Willow Trees….in case you can’t tell yet. 

One of my favorite ornaments.  My Poppa and I at the Girl Scout line dance years ago. 

The advent calendar we used as kids.  I think my mom got it from Avon.  Move the mouse to the day.  I loved doing that every morning. 

Mom’s Santa collection.  I was so excited to find all these this year. 

More of her Santa’s.

My favorite Santa.  Farmer Santa. 

A Santa that Dad tells me she bought in Pigeon Forge. 

No mantle this year so we make do with an end table. 

Our tree this year. 

An old sled with some lighted garland. 


Picture ornaments are the best.  That’s why we are making one this Friday in my classroom. 

Last year’s ornament that his mom got us.  So cute!

A doggie ornament for Shiloh!

I made this a LONG time ago at church.  Now she is our angel.  It’s at the top of the tree. 

This one sings.  Too often, in my opinion. 

Isn’t she precious?

And now she’s pissed off at me because of the hat. 
Hey, I don’t have kids…so I get to do this kind of thing to her for now. 

Merry Christmas to You and Yours! Lots of Love.

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