Family isn’t just blood….it’s who you surround yourself with.

Apparently all it took for M to give in to the air conditioner was for the newscasters to declare an EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING.  Who knew?  If I would have known that I would have put in a few calls to Angela Buchman or my guys on FOX 59 and see what kind of magic they could work.  So, it’s official.  We will be out shopping this evening with probably every other sweaty person in the area for a window air conditioner unit.  At this point you can’t even sit in our living room and breathe comfortably.  So, I’ve been indulging every relaxing second I possibly can find since the fair in the bedroom.  Pretty lame, but it works.

Speaking of the fair…..WOW what a long week.  I can’t imagine having my own children involved in 4-H someday and actually surviving that week.  I had the little blonde nephew all week and that was enough to wear this chic out.  He entertains himself pretty well and only requires a DVD and a set of Mattel cars each night before bed which is pretty simple living.  After a week of having him I thought I would be ready for some serious rest but quite honestly, I missed him so much my heart ached.  I love that little booger even if he has a sassy attitude at times and acts like his father, whom I love so dearly.  He learned how to tie his shoes.  He ate most of our candy in the house.  He followed M around asking lots of farm questions.  He even learned to love Shiloh our big sweetie of a dog.  The bonded and we can’t wait to have him back.  It was hard for M and I to not have the house completely to ourselves, but it was also a good dose of reality and what it might be like to someday have our own family. 

As for 4-H, although I can’t imagine how much work it takes to have children and get them through the projects and then the week long of events…..a part of me can’t wait.  I am so proud to be a part of the county and our 4-H program and it all proved to be such a close knit family at the livestock auction on Friday.  Who would have thunk that one small county in a little part of Indiana could raise that much money for an incredible little girl?  That made me realize, yet again that family isn’t just blood…it is who you surround yourself with.

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