They Add Up

Lately my guy has done all kinds of little things that really add up. It’s the little things that can mean so much. And the little things that I probably don’t say thank you enough for. I’d like to think I’m appreciative but sometimes I think I just get comfortable and then forgot to say thank you to the one I love so much. He needs to hear those things. We all do really. While I was away on a girls trip to Florida he decided to set up a Wifi connection at home. Something I’ve wanted for so long but we had just done without. Now I really don’t have an excuse not to update this blog more often. He knew that would make me smile. He was right. He couldn’t even wait to surprise me with it when I got home. He just had to tell me over the phone. Love that about him. He can’t handle surprises just as much as I can’t. Tonight I came home to food cooking on his new charcoal grill, some furniture rearranged, and laundry all caught up. He was so proud to show me everything he’s done and I’m so grateful he cares enough to do all of those things. We may have our disagreements, though small, every once in a while but in the end we aim to make each other smile each and every day. Thats important to me. I want him to be happy. I know he wants the same for me. The card in my suitcase. Laundry caught up when I get home. Dinner being cooked. Random love texts throughout the day. They all add up.

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