Meet the Ring Bearers

Time to meet 3 of the most important little men in my life.

10 years ago I became an aunt for the first time ever.  Shortly after….a pseudo aunt to another stinky boy.  Years later….an aunt again to a third stinky boy.

Despite their stinkiness I love all three of these boys to pieces.  They are all rotten to the core.  They are all naughty as can be.  They all have three amazingly huge hearts and would give and help anyone who needed it.  They will be amazing men some day.  The two oldest are already getting too old for my liking.  They need to stop growing.  Now.

Our ring bearers….


The first baby to make me an aunt.  I’ve never been the same since.  Every moment I get to spend with him makes me so very happy.  Just the other day I got very sad when we walked into a store and he didn’t have to hold my hand in the parking lot.  Maybe because he’s almost my height.  Maybe because he’s too cool.  I told him this and he smiled and grabbed my hand.  Then, we realized his hand was just as big as mine, if not bigger.  And…..his hand was nasty sweaty.  All part of being that stinky boy I suppose.

I don’t really care that he’s probably way too tall to be a ring bearer.  I wouldn’t want our wedding any other way.  He must stand up with the other big boys because I couldn’t have my day without him.

Another Children’s Museum trip!

Trouble x2

Loved every second we got to spend with you!

One of our many trips to the Children’s Museum and your little cheese pose!

My little football star!

You two probably shouldn’t be together too much!

Best buds!

Always have loved this picture.  Fair parade, I believe.  I look skinny and you’re stinkin adorable!


The first time I ever held you!

Brody boy makes me giggle.  All.  The.  Time.  He has these silly voices.  He does super silly things.  He’s always trying to make people laugh.  And, I obviously have a thing for guys who can make me laugh.  That’s one of the many things I also love about Mike.

Sometimes he tells us he isn’t coming to the wedding.  A few times he has told me he will be there, but he’s not wearing the bow tie he’s only wearing his dragon costume.  I don’t even care if Ariel walks down the aisle with him…..just as long as he gets to be by our side for our special day!

Silly faces!

Stop growing… RIGHT.  NOW  


Oh sweet ornery Bryce.  He’s my nephew too…even though technically he isn’t.  His spunk, his feisty attitude, his caring big heart, his sweet little hard working soul.  He’s surrounded by amazing male figures and I just know that he will rule Greenfield someday.  I’m 100% sure he will be rocking it on the dance floor all night long and I can’t wait to see his moves!

I love watching all your adventures through life.
Your sports, your 4-H, your amazing accomplishments.
Your smile lights up a room buddy! (even when you were without teeth)

Love these boys so much….

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