Meet the Flower Girls

Meet the Flower Girls!

We have a lot of precious littles in our life.  It was really tough to pick out just one little boy and one little girl to represent all of our happiness.  We just plain couldn’t.

So, we had to pick 3 precious angel boys and 3 angel girls.  They aren’t always angels, but they sure are adorable!

First up is the little ladies….


As she will tell you, we are one in the same.  And, we really truthfully are.  I don’t know how my sister was blessed with me for 18 years and then me again for another 18.  She is so lucky!  (sarcasm.  major sarcasm.)

She would also tell you that she is HEAD Flower Girl.

From the minute Shai was born I know we would be buddies.  We are birthday buddies and lifelong buddies.  She even has/had a shirt to prove it!

I love everything about this girl, even though we clash at times.  Sometimes people who are eerily alike do that!  She is smart.  She is sassy.  She is powerful and charming.  I am proud of all the things she’s accomplished in her 8 little years and my pride grows daily when I think of the steps she has taken out of her comfort zone.  She’s going to be one of those fierce women in about 10 years that you most certainly don’t want to mess with.

I’m so glad she will lead me down the aisle with flower petals.  I wouldn’t have our special day any other way!


My dear sweet Kynsey Lee.  The day you were born there was an instant buddy for Shailynn and another little pretend niece for me!  I may not technically be your aunt but I certainly treat you like you are just one of our own.  I enjoy our special time together.  You’re a wonderful helper and an excellent baker.  We can giggle to just about anything and I hope I haven’t taught you too many naughty things.  Remember, “Don’t do as a I say or do.  In fact….don’t pay attention to me at all!”

I can’t wait to see you, Shai, and Willow walk down the aisle looking so beautiful in your dresses.  You’ll probably be stealing from the candy buffet and breaking moves on the dance floor all night long.  I can’t wait!  I feel so special that when someone asked you what your summer plans were, you responded with….”We have a wedding.”  That’s right girlfriend…WE HAVE A WEDDING!  Wahoo!


Oh little Willow.  You have a light and life inside you the size of Texas.  I knew my best friend would be blessed with a bountiful little bundle of joy as amazing as you!  Some how I feel like your behaviors are a bit more like me and not as soft and precious as your momma.  You make us all smile and we love your sweet little attitude.  You have a great personality and loads of character.  I have loved watching you grow up!

I can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle with the big girls in your pretty dress.  The day will be so fun because you are a part of it!

And look… flower girl feeding another!

Can’t wait to see these precious girls lead the way as I take my steps down the aisle!

Next up is my sweet little men….

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