43 Days…..

Yikes!  43 days!  Ugh.

That’s 1 day away from 6 weeks.  It’s a little over 1000 hours from right now.  
I’m feeling sick. Like, not in a bad way.  
Here’s my life right now. Everything exciting.  Everything is nonstop.  Everything makes me happy.  I can’t stop smiling except for when I have to take deep breaths and relax.  
Hair appointments are fun.  Way fun with my girl Katie.  We’re soon to be….a Hooker and a Schenck!

That’s a preview to my hair.  I’m so glad my mom kept her veil.
I’m so glad I found it.
I feel like she will be right there with me as I walk down the aisle.
A little piece of her.  

Oh, and we added a little bit of hair because I have really fine hair.
So, this was fun.
I felt like a Disney princess.
I felt really silly.
I giggled at myself the whole way in the car because I felt so ridiculous!
I felt hot.
Like Real Housewives hot.

And I love getting RSVP’s
Especially ones like this. 🙂
And some of our invites are getting returned.
Yes, I invited Oprah.
And the Queen of England.
And Prince Charming and Cinderella.
And Mickey Mouse.
And President Obama.
And Peyton Manning.

Apparently Oprah doesn’t get mail in Chicago anymore.  Who knew!

So what?  You didn’t think of it?!?  Be jealous!
Pinterest had a lovely list of people you should send to because sometimes they send gifts or signed RSVP’s.  I figured it was worth a shot since we had extra invites!

And my favorite part of all this is reading the songs everyone loves to dance to.!

And I avoid this room as much as I can.
This use to be our spare bedroom.
We now call it the “Wedding Room.”
It is jam packed full of wedding stuff. 

And I avoid it all the time. 

I just keep shutting the door.
Hoping it all just happens July 19th.
It will magically get done. 
Not a chance….

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