2 years

2 years ago I met Mike. 

2 years ago I had no idea I was meeting my best friend for life. 

2 years ago I didn’t have a clue that driving 4 hours away was where I would find a guy who literally lived 20 minutes from home. 

2 years ago I went to the world’s greatest tractor pull and came home smitten in love and a fortunate gal. 

Our first photo together. 

On the way to the tractor pull I can remember the other girls who knew him telling me how great we would get along because we were both so funny and personable.  They showed me a picture of him and I could tell from the photo he was my type.  Country boy through and through.  Infectious grin.  Heavenly blue eyes. 

We arrived and they didn’t even have to point him out.  I knew which one he was.  There was a slight problem though.

This guy was not talkative.  He said nothing.  He wasn’t smiling.  He just stood there like a bump on a log. 

Little did I know that he was nervous.  And when he gets nervous he doesn’t say much.  Plus, he didn’t really know me yet so I couldn’t blame the guy.

After a few hours we were enjoying gorgeous weather at a tractor pull.  Later that weekend we were practically inseparable.  It was depressing when the weekend ended and we had to ride back home separately. 

I knew when I got home late that Sunday that my life was about to change.  For the better.  Finally.  We took things nice and slow those first few months.  Harvest helped that a little bit.  In the end I think that was the best way to start a relationship.  Look at us now.  Look at how far we’ve come. 

2 years has flown by.

Here’s to 100 more baby!

I’m the luckiest girl alive to live and love with my best friend.

I am truly,

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