High Five Friday

1.  Zac Brown Pandora radio station is always what I turn to as soon as the cherubs leave at 2 p.m.  It never fails me.  This station, by far, is the best Pandora station I have ever found.  It’s classic rock and amazing country all mixed together.  And currently, my favorite Zac Brown Band song is “Cold Hearted.”  Listen to it.  You’ll love it too. 

2.  I love this necklace.  But, truthfully, it’s not technically mine.  It should be mine.  My sweet sister bought it for me for my birthday forever ago.  Then she decided to keep it for herself.  Then I borrowed it and haven’t returned it.  So, this week I sent her a little text message with this photo telling her to have a Happy Wednesday.  Her reply, “I’m going to report that stolen.”  Oh sister 🙂

3. Scotty’s Lakehouse.  Scotty’s Brewhouse.  Scotty’s period.  We love Scotty’s.  I could eat dill chips with every meal.  They are most certainly not on a diet plan.  Not that I’m on a diet. 

4.  My sweetie pie’s work shorts.  I love that he is so joyful now in his new job.  I love his smile each day that he comes home from work.  I love washing his new uniforms.  (ya right!  I mean, really, who loves laundry?!?)  I love my working man in all his glory.  I’m so proud of his new position.  It’s certainly a wonderful thing for our future together.

5. Turquoise love.  Aunt Cathy loves me.  She gave me the ring long ago because it didn’t fit.  I wear it daily.  Then she saw the bracelet this week and bought it for me!  She’s way too good to me.  There’s nothing better than being loved AND getting a new piece of turquoise jewelry out of it. 

Looking forward to a fun Friday evening with some gal pals.  Heading to the Rascal Flatts concert shortly!  I’m ready for a girls night out with a SUPER fun sister clan. 

High Five to the 3 day weekend,

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