A piece of my summer

For as long as I can remember a piece of my summer has been dedicated to our county fair and my love for 4-H.

4-H has taught me so much through the various projects that I took and the events that I was a part of. It shaped friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. It brought me closer people that I would have never brought had we not been brought together by that special week each summer.

Even when my 10 years was over I wanted to stay involved. Somehow I’ve found a way to do that.

Fortunately the littles are finally old enough to start partaking in the fun. Little nephew #1 took mini wildlife, collections, and crafts. Little niece took mini wildlife, sewing, crafts, foods, and cake decorating. The littlest little just whined and cried while his sister worked on projects because he’s too little to do anything. Pretty sad really.

Our week of fair fun is only about to begin on Friday. Friday’s always a mix of emotions for me. It was a day my mom and I always took part in together and now we honor her memory by raising money for her scholarship.

I will always wish she was there. But the only way that makes it easier is to be a part of it with her best friend and try and step in to help fill her shoes a bit. I’ll never be as amazing as she was but I will always take a piece of my summer and give it to 4-H because it brings me joy to be a part of something so amazing. A part of something she was so involved in.

Below are some photos of judging day for the littles.

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