Fab Five {4}

1) This week I am grateful for:
family dinners and celebrations.  We celebrated my sister’s birthday and everyone (minus my guy) was there.  It’s good to just get together.  Talk.  Enjoy each other’s company.  

I am also grateful for my KitchenAid mixer.  Without it would have made today’s task of cupcakes for the big 2nd birthday party of my little very daunting and painful.  I made almost 5 dozen cupcakes and a triple batch of lime green icing!

2) This week I enjoyed:

taking part in our annual tradition of finding a tree.  We usually do this on December 1st trying to make that day as special as it can be.  However, this year the 1st falls on a busy day.  Lots going on…so we bumped it up to tonight.  We found the perfect tree.  It is resting in the stand in the mud room and waiting to fall so it can be plump and perfect….just the way we like it.

3) This week I learned: 

that I can be alone and handle a mouse all by myself.  I’ve never had to before.  I never wish to again.  I am so glad that Michael is home.  He’s the best part of my day and the best thing that has ever happened to me.  
4) This week I accomplished:

my second round of physical therapy…and received great news!  My hips are back in alignment…so the exercises and stretches have been working.  I don’t have to go again for six weeks AND he thinks when he sees me next that we may be able to discuss running again.  I’ve been given more exercises to do daily including planks, side planks, and reverse crunches.  I am not a fan of planks….but if that is what it takes to walk without limping due to back pain then I’m in.   

5) I am looking forward to:

another family celebration and gathering tomorrow for the littlest little’s 2nd birthday.  I’m also very much looking forward to finding my mom’s old Christmas decorations.  A blog post to come covering those details later….
Gratefully yours, 

Fab Five {3}

Ok, so it’s not Friday.  It’s Sunday.  My blogging has been lacking. 

Life is busy between school/work, meetings, and girls night outs.  I wish I could say I’ll blog more as the holidays approach but I highly doubt it.  

1) This week I am grateful for:
medicine and treatment for a lovely chic in our life. and that my nephew, his momma, step dad, and sister were all NOT home last night when their neighborhood was traumatized with some sort of explosion.  Luckily they were all gone.  I’m even more grateful he was with us…. celebrating Movember apparently. 

 2) This week I enjoyed:

gearing up for Relay for Life 2013!  I participated in the Local Summit and we had our first committee meeting.  Game ON I am ready to Shut Down cancer this year!

3) This week I learned: 

that some on Facebook are too outspoken for my taste when it comes to politics.  Thank goodness there is an “unsubscribe from feed” button.  I just wanted everyone to vote.  Sure we probably won’t all vote for the same person, but I hope you did your civic duty and you voted!  However, just because you don’t get your way does not mean you should bash and banter the person that did win.  If you truly think it’s ok to bully and banter when your “vote” isn’t the winner…..then I think I should select the “delete friend” option instead.  It’s no wonder I deal with bullying at work.  Children are a product of their environment!
4) This week I accomplished:

my first round of Physical Therapy for my back!  I have homework for the next three weeks and he even said that some day I would be able to jog again!  Basically my pelvis sits higher on one side causing pain on the other side.  So I have a simple stretch to do that requires me laying half way off the bed.  Pretty easy.  And keep walking, keep working out, more ab work, and he even prescribed planks.  Not real happy about that!

5) I am looking forward to:

Well if I had actually done this on Friday I would have been looking forward to the weekend.  Now I’m looking forward to a busy week and preparing for the holidays coming up!What’s your Fab 5 List? Gratefully yours, 

Fab Five {2}

Time to reflect on my week and post Five Fabulous things. 

1) This week I am grateful for:
a home and supplies to get by that were never washed away by Sandy.  
2) This week I enjoyed:

time with the littlest littles.  I got to watch a Halloween program at their sitter’s.  I enjoyed watching them do a little trick-or-treating.  My favorite part was an evening without their parents to fill them with sugar, party hard, and snuggle lots.  

3) This week I learned: 

That my guy loves me for me.  I didn’t really learn it.  I knew it.  But I was reminded yet again.  I’ve left my cell phone at home twice since school began.  He delivered it.  I had a slight panic attack that I lost my wallet this week.  It was in his dad’s truck.  He went and got it.  He’s constantly saving me.  I’ve learned he will always be there, with a smile, and maybe a shake of his head because he’s finally realized that I am a little crazy.

4) This week I accomplished:

the completion of my first extended evaluation at work.  I think it went quite well and my kiddo’s were active participants in the lesson which surely looked good, right? 

5) I am looking forward to:

Relay for Life Summit tomorrow all day long.  I’m not really excited about getting up early on a Saturday morning, but I am pumped to get the ball rolling on next year’s Relay.  Link up!Upward Not Inward

Have a fabulous weekend!

Fab Five Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve done High Five Friday.  I thought I would change it up and bit and follow the lead of Falen and Laura at Upward not Inward.

Every Friday they reflect on their week and post Five Fabulous things.  Sharing 5 positive things from the week….

So, I’m going to give it a try.  Join me!

1) This week I am grateful for: 

A dad who uses his voice to entertain.  I love watching him sing karaoke.  His voice is like no other!

2) This week I enjoyed: 

Sleeping in and eating lunch with Mike and friends throughout the week.  This two week fall break has been amazing.

3) This week I learned: 

That I have degenerative disc disease and a bulging disc.  No wonder my back and hip hurts so dang bad!  However, I can maintain this through some shots, maybe some physical therapy, and staying active.  That’s the positive part of this! I meet with a spine specialist in a week and we will go from there.  I also learned (as you read earlier) that loud noises and tight spaces can cause me to have a panic attack!

4) This week I accomplished: 

So much!  I’m ready for school to start back on Monday.  My house is spotless (minus the office which I shall tackle today).  I spent some quality time with all the littles in my life.  I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to tackle a crazy week of going back to reality and parent/teacher conferences.

5) I am looking forward to: 

My nephew waking up from our slumber party (it’s almost noon!) and hanging out.  We may just head to Skyzone so I can watch him bounce around and giggle.  Or, we may be bums.  I’m going to leave it up to him!

Blessed with an amazing week,

High Five Friday

I’ve been looking forward to this Friday for the past 9 weeks.

Finally, a break at work.  My kids are amazing this year.  But a little break is healthy for all of us.  That includes them.  We decided today in class that we could all use a little break from each other.  I think after two weeks our Monday will be a fresh start and they will be ready to learn.

 Here’s to hoping!

1. A super sweet friend sent me this picture via text this week.  I love when friends think of you just at the right time.  She had read my last blog post and thought of me when she read it.  She told me how her grandmothers 83rd birthday would have been the next day and she knew how hard it was for her mom.  She knew it was hard on her own mom and couldn’t imagine what her own life would be like without her.  I’m glad I have some appreciative friends.  Momma’s are special.  Don’t take them for granted.  
2. This is my new best friend at Applebee’s.  Her name is Brownie Bites and she is only $1.00.  Now, before you roll your eyes and think…..isn’t she trying to lose weight?  I know.  I realize this isn’t healthy.  I’m not an idiot.  But, it’s seriously the smallest scoop of ice cream and brownie ever.  And I didn’t eat one every night this week.  Just one night.  So bite me.  Or…..bite into this.  I suggest the brownie.  But whatever.  
3. One of my new pairs of shoes this week.  Very much needed to get this chic back into shape.  Brooks are by far the best running shoes ever.  Or wogging….if you’re me and it’s more of a walk/jog.  But, I’m a little freaked out because I moved up a whole shoe size.  Does this happen with age?  I feel like my feet are 
ginormous when I put these on.  Oh, and they’re turquoise.  And I love turquoise.  Everything turquoise.  
4.  This is my wogging buddy, Shiloh.  She is terrible on a leash so she casually strolls beside me.  I had to take a run in my new shoes (see above) so I took off down the road on a beautiful fall day and she trotted down the middle of the road ahead of me.  She’s kind of like my bodyguard.  But instead of guarding me she blocks traffic.  Then people yell.  And I yell at her.  It’s really quite a fiasco.  But isn’t she pretty? 

5.  And these are my other new pair of shoes.  I love TOMS with all my heart.  If I could wear them everywhere I would, but sometimes a girl needs to put on a pair of cowboy boots.  So if I had to choose between TOMS and cowboy boots I’d probably put on boots.  BUT, when I found these loveys I decided I needed them for winter.  They are the new “woolen girls” TOMS and they have this fuzzy lining inside.  They feel like heaven on your feet.  Looking forward to working in these nice shoes which actually feel like slippers. 
Also looking forward to a wonderful two weeks off.  Hopefully updating this blog a bit.  I’ve been neglecting it badly. 
By the way….have I told you I have an amazing boyfriend?  I woke up from a nap this afternoon to warm chocolate chip cookies and fajitas cooking for dinner.  It was nice to stay in on this rainy evening and eat his delicious fajitas with our wonderful friends who always make me laugh.  Plus, they live right down the road and that’s pretty cool too.  
High Five to a 2 Week Break, 

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High Five Friday

I’m always glad when Friday arrives, but this week it seems to be extremely welcome.  It’s been a long one…

1.  Wedding memories.  I loved looking at these pictures all week on our coffee table.  Fun times with some great friends.  It’s always fun to get a little silly in our “old” age.  My sister thinks I should use them for the Christmas card, but I’m not sure they will make it that far!

2.  I always enjoy an evening spent with the littles.  This time I had the chance to fill in for their mommy for a while (which I love to do) and pick them up from daycare, do the homework routine, snacks, etc.  I have to say my sister has an EXTREMELY difficult job every afternoon.  Trying to keep little man occupied while helping sister with her homework.  Almost impossible!  It was melt down after melt down with him.  I tried to make it better by giving him his own “homework” of coloring and making him feel a part of it.  I do love my time with them, even if it’s got a melt down in it here and there. 

3.  As I cam home one evening this week I stopped on the road to get a photo of the place we call home.  It’s not “ours” but we love it.  With the bean field turning yellow I just couldn’t help but take this photo.  It looks like a huge halo surrounding our home sweet home.  This is where our story began.  Eventually we will have to leave here (not knowing when that will be) and I gotta tell ya…I’ll be pretty darn sad.  I’ve been dwelling on that quite a bit lately because I know all good things come to an end.  For now, I’ll bask in it’s beauty each day I come home. 

4.  It’s my favorite time of year.  Fall, unofficially.  Harvest time.   I’m so excited to see them out and about doing what they do best.  They are right across the street from us this evening and couldn’t help but take a snapshot of the beauty that is harvest!

5.  This picture deserves a high five simply because I’m just about done with these stinkin pills.  You see, my “too much fun” at the Rascal Flatts concert may or may not have caused a lovely outbreak of poison ivy.  First time ever that I’ve had it, that I can recall.  It lasted for a good week before I finally gave in and got some medical attention.  They put me on steroids.  Since then I’ve felt all sorts of out of whack.  I’m so glad tomorrow is the last day for these pills.  Physically, emotionally, it all is not feeling right.  Hopefully next week I’ll feel a little more stable!
Now it’s on to dinner with friends, a fantastic birthday weekend with the love of my life (and Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan), and some relaxation at home.
High Five to Friday!

High Five Friday

1.  Zac Brown Pandora radio station is always what I turn to as soon as the cherubs leave at 2 p.m.  It never fails me.  This station, by far, is the best Pandora station I have ever found.  It’s classic rock and amazing country all mixed together.  And currently, my favorite Zac Brown Band song is “Cold Hearted.”  Listen to it.  You’ll love it too. 

2.  I love this necklace.  But, truthfully, it’s not technically mine.  It should be mine.  My sweet sister bought it for me for my birthday forever ago.  Then she decided to keep it for herself.  Then I borrowed it and haven’t returned it.  So, this week I sent her a little text message with this photo telling her to have a Happy Wednesday.  Her reply, “I’m going to report that stolen.”  Oh sister 🙂

3. Scotty’s Lakehouse.  Scotty’s Brewhouse.  Scotty’s period.  We love Scotty’s.  I could eat dill chips with every meal.  They are most certainly not on a diet plan.  Not that I’m on a diet. 

4.  My sweetie pie’s work shorts.  I love that he is so joyful now in his new job.  I love his smile each day that he comes home from work.  I love washing his new uniforms.  (ya right!  I mean, really, who loves laundry?!?)  I love my working man in all his glory.  I’m so proud of his new position.  It’s certainly a wonderful thing for our future together.

5. Turquoise love.  Aunt Cathy loves me.  She gave me the ring long ago because it didn’t fit.  I wear it daily.  Then she saw the bracelet this week and bought it for me!  She’s way too good to me.  There’s nothing better than being loved AND getting a new piece of turquoise jewelry out of it. 

Looking forward to a fun Friday evening with some gal pals.  Heading to the Rascal Flatts concert shortly!  I’m ready for a girls night out with a SUPER fun sister clan. 

High Five to the 3 day weekend,

High Five Friday

Happy Friday!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that it’s Friday.  I’ve been battling this sinus/allergy/cold thing all week and I’m ready for some rest.  Although….not quite sure how much rest I will get with the list of things in my mind that I need to do around here! 

An enjoyable week as always though!

1. This stuff is fabulous.  An instagram pal, Amber, was not lying when she said it was like crack.  It’s so mouth watering on wheat thins.  I even took the label off the package and hid it in our fridge so the guy doesn’t find it and start enjoying it too.  So good!  Must try!

2. My dad’s birthday celebration was a hit.  A small dinner at a local italian cafe.  Love their food.  Huge portions, homemade cooking.  Good to sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal with my little family.  We definitely took over the little restaurant and made it very loud, very quick!

3. That’s just a glimpse into my kitchen right now.  We aren’t remodeling.  We aren’t redecorating.  We are doing nothing fun what so ever.  We are simply mad time cleaning trying to rid of nasty little moths that have invaded the grains/flours of our cabinets and pantries.  Really there is nothing to high five about this situation…EXCEPT….that after this weekend our house will smell so clean and I’m absolutely certain you won’t find a moth in it.  (pray with me please)

4.  Indiana sunsets and Instagram.  I literally stopped in the middle of the road to get this picture.  No filter.  Nothing.  Just me and my iPhone.  I watched the sun creep down as I was driving and then noticed the beautiful grain bins and barn backdrop and couldn’t resist.  Sad part is that I didn’t even pay attention to see if someone was behind me.  I just plain stopped. I’ve been preaching common sense to my cherubs this week and it seems I was majorly lacking in that department when this photo took place.

5. One of my very best friends is having another baby.  Even better, another baby GIRL.  Miss Mallory should be here sometime in February and I was so thrilled to throw a diaper shower with another friend for Amanda today.  I was even more thrilled that this necklace I ordered off of Etsy arrived in time.  I love mommy handstamped jewelry.  I love personalized gifts period.  I think there is nothing better. 

Here’s to another great week and a high five worthy Friday! 

Now I’m going to go down a bit of Nyquil and call it an evening.  We have major house cleaning to get done this weekend.  Anyone want to come over and help?!?!

Sneezy and Snotty,

First High Five Friday

My blogging friend and neighbor, Heidi, over at Ramblings of a Farmer’s Wife got me hooked on the idea of a High Five Friday post. 

I’ve been looking forward to a reason for a weekly post but just haven’t made the time….until now.  I’m going to do my very best to share with you 5 highlights from my week every Friday. 

Because, let’s face it…..Friday is a HUGE reason to be happy and hand out HIGH FIVES!

1. Love notes.  I came home Monday evening to love notes all over the house.  Big news on this frontier. The love of my life scored a new gig.  This new gig will bring some major changes, first being out of town for a week.  It was rough.  Shiloh hated it too.  But, we made it.  The love notes all over the house are what saved me. 

2. Puppy play time.  Tava is Shiloh’s cousin.  She and Shiloh play so wel together and I love taking her over to my aunt’s house to play.  They are hilarious to watch.  There’s something quite relaxing about sitting on a back porch watching two dogs wrestle and play. 

3. Signed up for my next 5k.  Will I be able to run the whole thing?  I’d like to say yes.  I guess I should say yes.  Something terrible is making me doubt myself though.  I did too 13.1 miles last May, right?  Geesh….seems like forever ago!

4. This is a clear sign I am back to work.  Piles.  Of.  Papers.  But, the great part is that I’m getting to really know my students so well through assessing them.  Plus, if I work my butt off during the week then I don’t have to bring anything home on the weekend.  HIGH FIVE to that!

5. She is hilarious.  She is totally me at that age. My poor sister.   I love every minute of watching her sing.  Watching her dance.  Watching her embarass her father.  The girl just straight cracks me up.  Even better when a 6 year old says, “Don’t put that video on the internet!”  Too bad she forgot to tell me not to put the photo on!  Love her to pieces. 

Now I’m ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend of celebration for my love’s new gig and him being back home….plus a family wedding!  Cheers!


From My Grey Desk ~ High Five Friday

Lots of Love and Full of Fortune,