High Five Friday

I’ve been looking forward to this Friday for the past 9 weeks.

Finally, a break at work.  My kids are amazing this year.  But a little break is healthy for all of us.  That includes them.  We decided today in class that we could all use a little break from each other.  I think after two weeks our Monday will be a fresh start and they will be ready to learn.

 Here’s to hoping!

1. A super sweet friend sent me this picture via text this week.  I love when friends think of you just at the right time.  She had read my last blog post and thought of me when she read it.  She told me how her grandmothers 83rd birthday would have been the next day and she knew how hard it was for her mom.  She knew it was hard on her own mom and couldn’t imagine what her own life would be like without her.  I’m glad I have some appreciative friends.  Momma’s are special.  Don’t take them for granted.  
2. This is my new best friend at Applebee’s.  Her name is Brownie Bites and she is only $1.00.  Now, before you roll your eyes and think…..isn’t she trying to lose weight?  I know.  I realize this isn’t healthy.  I’m not an idiot.  But, it’s seriously the smallest scoop of ice cream and brownie ever.  And I didn’t eat one every night this week.  Just one night.  So bite me.  Or…..bite into this.  I suggest the brownie.  But whatever.  
3. One of my new pairs of shoes this week.  Very much needed to get this chic back into shape.  Brooks are by far the best running shoes ever.  Or wogging….if you’re me and it’s more of a walk/jog.  But, I’m a little freaked out because I moved up a whole shoe size.  Does this happen with age?  I feel like my feet are 
ginormous when I put these on.  Oh, and they’re turquoise.  And I love turquoise.  Everything turquoise.  
4.  This is my wogging buddy, Shiloh.  She is terrible on a leash so she casually strolls beside me.  I had to take a run in my new shoes (see above) so I took off down the road on a beautiful fall day and she trotted down the middle of the road ahead of me.  She’s kind of like my bodyguard.  But instead of guarding me she blocks traffic.  Then people yell.  And I yell at her.  It’s really quite a fiasco.  But isn’t she pretty? 

5.  And these are my other new pair of shoes.  I love TOMS with all my heart.  If I could wear them everywhere I would, but sometimes a girl needs to put on a pair of cowboy boots.  So if I had to choose between TOMS and cowboy boots I’d probably put on boots.  BUT, when I found these loveys I decided I needed them for winter.  They are the new “woolen girls” TOMS and they have this fuzzy lining inside.  They feel like heaven on your feet.  Looking forward to working in these nice shoes which actually feel like slippers. 
Also looking forward to a wonderful two weeks off.  Hopefully updating this blog a bit.  I’ve been neglecting it badly. 
By the way….have I told you I have an amazing boyfriend?  I woke up from a nap this afternoon to warm chocolate chip cookies and fajitas cooking for dinner.  It was nice to stay in on this rainy evening and eat his delicious fajitas with our wonderful friends who always make me laugh.  Plus, they live right down the road and that’s pretty cool too.  
High Five to a 2 Week Break, 

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