New ink

Today I marked something off my “to do” list that has been there for over a year.

I finally got the tattoo I wanted.

Back when I was a kid we found these “Grandpa’s Memories” and “Grandma’s Memories” books in a little country store up in Michigan.  I bought one for each set of grandparents and asked them to fill them out.  The pages had all kinds of things from explaining their childhood, to when they first met each other, and also advice they wanted to give.

I will forever cherish those books.  They contain some of the best advice from the wisest men and women I know.

One of my favorite pages said this:

His words mean so much to me, especially now that he’s gone.  There will never be a man quite like my grandpa and I’m so glad that I have the memories that I do.

So in his memory I wanted to keep those words forever with me.  Above is his handwriting of my favorite saying he ever said and wrote, “Don’t forget where you came from.”

No matter the challenges or obstacles I face I will not forget where I came from.  Who my ancestors are.  Who my family is.  Who has my back no matter what.  Who loves me for me.  The place that keeps me grounded.  The place I call home.  The people I call home.  Where I came from is always and forever a part of me.

My loved ones who may not be physically here are always a part of me.

 They are part of where I came from.

Missing him every day,

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