Fab Five {3}

Ok, so it’s not Friday.  It’s Sunday.  My blogging has been lacking. 

Life is busy between school/work, meetings, and girls night outs.  I wish I could say I’ll blog more as the holidays approach but I highly doubt it.  

1) This week I am grateful for:
medicine and treatment for a lovely chic in our life. and that my nephew, his momma, step dad, and sister were all NOT home last night when their neighborhood was traumatized with some sort of explosion.  Luckily they were all gone.  I’m even more grateful he was with us…. celebrating Movember apparently. 

 2) This week I enjoyed:

gearing up for Relay for Life 2013!  I participated in the Local Summit and we had our first committee meeting.  Game ON I am ready to Shut Down cancer this year!

3) This week I learned: 

that some on Facebook are too outspoken for my taste when it comes to politics.  Thank goodness there is an “unsubscribe from feed” button.  I just wanted everyone to vote.  Sure we probably won’t all vote for the same person, but I hope you did your civic duty and you voted!  However, just because you don’t get your way does not mean you should bash and banter the person that did win.  If you truly think it’s ok to bully and banter when your “vote” isn’t the winner…..then I think I should select the “delete friend” option instead.  It’s no wonder I deal with bullying at work.  Children are a product of their environment!
4) This week I accomplished:

my first round of Physical Therapy for my back!  I have homework for the next three weeks and he even said that some day I would be able to jog again!  Basically my pelvis sits higher on one side causing pain on the other side.  So I have a simple stretch to do that requires me laying half way off the bed.  Pretty easy.  And keep walking, keep working out, more ab work, and he even prescribed planks.  Not real happy about that!

5) I am looking forward to:

Well if I had actually done this on Friday I would have been looking forward to the weekend.  Now I’m looking forward to a busy week and preparing for the holidays coming up!What’s your Fab 5 List? Gratefully yours, 

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