Fab Five {2}

Time to reflect on my week and post Five Fabulous things. 

1) This week I am grateful for:
a home and supplies to get by that were never washed away by Sandy.  
2) This week I enjoyed:

time with the littlest littles.  I got to watch a Halloween program at their sitter’s.  I enjoyed watching them do a little trick-or-treating.  My favorite part was an evening without their parents to fill them with sugar, party hard, and snuggle lots.  

3) This week I learned: 

That my guy loves me for me.  I didn’t really learn it.  I knew it.  But I was reminded yet again.  I’ve left my cell phone at home twice since school began.  He delivered it.  I had a slight panic attack that I lost my wallet this week.  It was in his dad’s truck.  He went and got it.  He’s constantly saving me.  I’ve learned he will always be there, with a smile, and maybe a shake of his head because he’s finally realized that I am a little crazy.

4) This week I accomplished:

the completion of my first extended evaluation at work.  I think it went quite well and my kiddo’s were active participants in the lesson which surely looked good, right? 

5) I am looking forward to:

Relay for Life Summit tomorrow all day long.  I’m not really excited about getting up early on a Saturday morning, but I am pumped to get the ball rolling on next year’s Relay.  Link up!Upward Not Inward

Have a fabulous weekend!

One thought on “Fab Five {2}

  1. What a great list. 🙂 Him bring you your forgotten items is so incredibly sweet. How blessed you are. Yay for your finishing your evaluation girlie! Have fun at your relay. Have a wonderful weekend!!



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