High Five Friday

I’m always glad when Friday arrives, but this week it seems to be extremely welcome.  It’s been a long one…

1.  Wedding memories.  I loved looking at these pictures all week on our coffee table.  Fun times with some great friends.  It’s always fun to get a little silly in our “old” age.  My sister thinks I should use them for the Christmas card, but I’m not sure they will make it that far!

2.  I always enjoy an evening spent with the littles.  This time I had the chance to fill in for their mommy for a while (which I love to do) and pick them up from daycare, do the homework routine, snacks, etc.  I have to say my sister has an EXTREMELY difficult job every afternoon.  Trying to keep little man occupied while helping sister with her homework.  Almost impossible!  It was melt down after melt down with him.  I tried to make it better by giving him his own “homework” of coloring and making him feel a part of it.  I do love my time with them, even if it’s got a melt down in it here and there. 

3.  As I cam home one evening this week I stopped on the road to get a photo of the place we call home.  It’s not “ours” but we love it.  With the bean field turning yellow I just couldn’t help but take this photo.  It looks like a huge halo surrounding our home sweet home.  This is where our story began.  Eventually we will have to leave here (not knowing when that will be) and I gotta tell ya…I’ll be pretty darn sad.  I’ve been dwelling on that quite a bit lately because I know all good things come to an end.  For now, I’ll bask in it’s beauty each day I come home. 

4.  It’s my favorite time of year.  Fall, unofficially.  Harvest time.   I’m so excited to see them out and about doing what they do best.  They are right across the street from us this evening and couldn’t help but take a snapshot of the beauty that is harvest!

5.  This picture deserves a high five simply because I’m just about done with these stinkin pills.  You see, my “too much fun” at the Rascal Flatts concert may or may not have caused a lovely outbreak of poison ivy.  First time ever that I’ve had it, that I can recall.  It lasted for a good week before I finally gave in and got some medical attention.  They put me on steroids.  Since then I’ve felt all sorts of out of whack.  I’m so glad tomorrow is the last day for these pills.  Physically, emotionally, it all is not feeling right.  Hopefully next week I’ll feel a little more stable!
Now it’s on to dinner with friends, a fantastic birthday weekend with the love of my life (and Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan), and some relaxation at home.
High Five to Friday!

One thought on “High Five Friday

  1. May or May not have gotten ivy… lol! I will never forget that one special and eventful night wtih that one special girl that may have the same name as me! That was missing in my life for a very very long time! Cheers to a new weekend! Cant wait to share some of it with you again!


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