Happy Birthday to…

Happy Birthday to….

my knight in shining armor
the icing on my cupcake
my forever love
the milk to my oreos
the perfect wine pourer
the smile on my face every morning and evening

to the father of my dog child. 
to the seat keeper of our recliner who all I have to do is turn right and see this smile. 
to the man I call sexy in his work uniform or overalls.
 It doesn’t matter what you put on I love you all the time. 

to my lawn boy.  I melt with that smile. 

to the best cocktail maker ever. 
to my Fogo baby daddy. 

to the man who our babies will call daddy someday.
 Let’s not rush anything.
But seriously, you’re so amazing with kids.
It’s hard not to think about!
and thank you to his momma, pops, brother, and sis-in-law for always being a welcome hug
You make it so wonderful to be a part of your family.
And thank you to his momma for making him one helluva man. 
I’ll be forever grateful to you. 

I’ll love you forever and always.
I hope to spend many more birthdays a part of your life. 

Happy 32nd birthday to my #1 guy,

This post shows a date of the 17th. Not sure why. My loves birthday is the 18th just in case you want to wish him one!

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