First High Five Friday

My blogging friend and neighbor, Heidi, over at Ramblings of a Farmer’s Wife got me hooked on the idea of a High Five Friday post. 

I’ve been looking forward to a reason for a weekly post but just haven’t made the time….until now.  I’m going to do my very best to share with you 5 highlights from my week every Friday. 

Because, let’s face it…..Friday is a HUGE reason to be happy and hand out HIGH FIVES!

1. Love notes.  I came home Monday evening to love notes all over the house.  Big news on this frontier. The love of my life scored a new gig.  This new gig will bring some major changes, first being out of town for a week.  It was rough.  Shiloh hated it too.  But, we made it.  The love notes all over the house are what saved me. 

2. Puppy play time.  Tava is Shiloh’s cousin.  She and Shiloh play so wel together and I love taking her over to my aunt’s house to play.  They are hilarious to watch.  There’s something quite relaxing about sitting on a back porch watching two dogs wrestle and play. 

3. Signed up for my next 5k.  Will I be able to run the whole thing?  I’d like to say yes.  I guess I should say yes.  Something terrible is making me doubt myself though.  I did too 13.1 miles last May, right?  Geesh….seems like forever ago!

4. This is a clear sign I am back to work.  Piles.  Of.  Papers.  But, the great part is that I’m getting to really know my students so well through assessing them.  Plus, if I work my butt off during the week then I don’t have to bring anything home on the weekend.  HIGH FIVE to that!

5. She is hilarious.  She is totally me at that age. My poor sister.   I love every minute of watching her sing.  Watching her dance.  Watching her embarass her father.  The girl just straight cracks me up.  Even better when a 6 year old says, “Don’t put that video on the internet!”  Too bad she forgot to tell me not to put the photo on!  Love her to pieces. 

Now I’m ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend of celebration for my love’s new gig and him being back home….plus a family wedding!  Cheers!


From My Grey Desk ~ High Five Friday

Lots of Love and Full of Fortune,

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