Realizations with new beginnings

1. I am not meant to be the girlfriend of a traveling worker.

2. I am probably also not meant to have a loaded gun in case I get scared.

3. Shiloh is just as much of a spaz about this situation as I am. See picture below as she waits by the door each and every night.

4. The first night wasn’t so bad. The second night I was a sobbing mess. A realization that I couldn’t do this very often.

5. Nobody makes my coffee quite like he does.

6. His new beginnings means big adjustments for our relationship, mostly positive with just a smidgen of negatives.

7. We can handle it.

8. This guy is totally my best friend. My confident. My amigo. My pal. My buddy. My boyfriend. My bestie. (ugh. I despise that word and totally just used it?!)

9. I have some pretty amazing people in my life who care so much about me that as I’ve been “growing up” this week they’ve still been calling to check in on me and help with things.

10. We are meant to be together. Forever. Grow old in rocking chairs. Have babies. Then grand babies. Maybe even great grand babies. forever.

Best friends.

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