Reasons to celebrate…

My first week back was absolutely incredible.

Let’s be real here though. Almost nothing could have been worse than the last year. Many reasons. Don’t need to explain. The people who know me well know why that is.

So maybe that’s why this year is amazing. Or maybe just because my cherubs are delightfully sweet and kind. My parents are supportive. My colleagues are just down right the best. Everything is all smiles!

We did all kinds of get to know each other activities. I now feel like I have a special connection with each of the cherubs. We talked about my jobs and their jobs. All the procedures and rules talks are out of the way.

I really feel like we are ready to get this year started on Monday. Ready to start diving into these textbooks and taking charge over each of the standards for fifth grade.

So this weekend I will spend celebrating.

And making lesson plans.

Then celebrating even more with a sibling date night tonight at FOGO DE CHAO for Devour Downtown. First time. Pretty excited.

Then tomorrow more lesson plans.

I am blessed to have many reasons to celebrate. Right now I can’t tell you all the reasons even though some of you do know. It has absolutely nothing to do with me individually so don’t jump to conclusions. It’s just something worth celebrating 🙂

More details to come later…

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