Happy birthday angel

Today would have been my moms 58th birthday. Hard to believe! Sometimes it’s very hard for me not imagine what she would look like or be like 11 years after we lost her.

Would she still have her short hair cut? Would she still have the Snider hips and love her Princess Reeboks? Would she still shop at B. Moss and Kohls every Saturday she had available?

I wish I knew the answer to all these questions but truth is, I don’t.

And that sucks. Majorly.

Just like every single other birthday I’ve missed spending with her I took my cupcake (Gigi’s….yum) and a cup of coffee and shared a bit of her birthday at the cemetery with her. I feel closer to her there.

There’s a peace about that place.

Today I sang. To myself. To her. And I ate half the cupcake. And sipped on coffee.

And sat and wondered what she would be like today….

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