Fab Five {4}

1) This week I am grateful for:
family dinners and celebrations.  We celebrated my sister’s birthday and everyone (minus my guy) was there.  It’s good to just get together.  Talk.  Enjoy each other’s company.  

I am also grateful for my KitchenAid mixer.  Without it would have made today’s task of cupcakes for the big 2nd birthday party of my little very daunting and painful.  I made almost 5 dozen cupcakes and a triple batch of lime green icing!

2) This week I enjoyed:

taking part in our annual tradition of finding a tree.  We usually do this on December 1st trying to make that day as special as it can be.  However, this year the 1st falls on a busy day.  Lots going on…so we bumped it up to tonight.  We found the perfect tree.  It is resting in the stand in the mud room and waiting to fall so it can be plump and perfect….just the way we like it.

3) This week I learned: 

that I can be alone and handle a mouse all by myself.  I’ve never had to before.  I never wish to again.  I am so glad that Michael is home.  He’s the best part of my day and the best thing that has ever happened to me.  
4) This week I accomplished:

my second round of physical therapy…and received great news!  My hips are back in alignment…so the exercises and stretches have been working.  I don’t have to go again for six weeks AND he thinks when he sees me next that we may be able to discuss running again.  I’ve been given more exercises to do daily including planks, side planks, and reverse crunches.  I am not a fan of planks….but if that is what it takes to walk without limping due to back pain then I’m in.   

5) I am looking forward to:

another family celebration and gathering tomorrow for the littlest little’s 2nd birthday.  I’m also very much looking forward to finding my mom’s old Christmas decorations.  A blog post to come covering those details later….
Gratefully yours, 

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