Breaks are rough

It’s Fall Break.  2 weeks off.  
I couldn’t have needed it any more than I already did.  
Back on July 31st I would have told you I hated our balanced calendar and going back to school when it was still so warm out.  Now, I would tell you how much I love it.  
We have no plans, unfortunately, because we had to cancel a trip out west due to a late harvest. 
However, the “no plans” has turned into a nice, relaxing do what I want when I want staycation. 
First, at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning Shiloh’s trip to the vet.  She’s never been before.  Only the Humane Society to get her shots and be spayed.  I think she knew that as soon as we put her harness on her and then put her in the car she was going some place she probably didn’t want to. 

She seemed a bit nervous.

While waiting in the room she could barely sit still and watched the shadows under the door after sniffing the entire room.  

Then, we were told she was “a bit overweight” and she was disheartened.

So we decided to start taking walks when we got home.
 Due to the rain over the weekend I was fortunate to get some time in with my guy as well.  
As soon as the fields dry up I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time alone again. 
After our walk she was quite pooped…and slept most of the day. 

The rest of day 1 consisted of breakfast somewhere new down the road (Sunrise Cafe….yummy), shopping for new clothes and craft items to conquer Pinterest, and a home cooked meal for dinner.  

Day 2 I spent the day with my best friend organizing and getting some things ready for baby #2. We got a lot accomplished while her MIL had baby #1.  Once baby #1 came home it was a little difficult to get much done because she’s so darn cute and hard to resist.  
She regressed a little bit as we were going through baby clothes.  

I learned that when you’re pregnant it’s difficult to bend down and pick things up.  Sometimes you have to get a grabber thingy to help you out.  I laughed a bit.  She said something like, “I can’t wait until you’re pregnant and understand.”

We talked about how as a mom she’s doing all those things she said she would never do.
But, how could you say no to this face? 

Her little one does truly love herself and seeing her gorgeous little face on the phone.  

After Day 2 we got another 2 miles in late at night.  I hate how dark it’s getting so quickly. 

All in all the first two week days of Fall Break have been quite successful. 
And for day 3 it’s 11 am, I’m still in my pajamas drinking coffee, and writing to all of you. 
Life is rough, 

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