Expectation vs. Reality

Sifting through Pinterest while nursing and being forced to watch the same awful Paw Patrol episode for the billionth time and I come upon this…

I try not to judge, but I couldn’t help myself.

So many things wrong with this.

$50 for a labor gown?

Girl, it’s going to be covered in fresh baby goo and blood and maybe poop. Why on earth would you spend $50?


Ummm. If it’s monogrammed you can’t resell. I’m always thinking about the resell factor. What Facebook marketplace junkie is going to want my monogrammed labor gown? No one.

Nude high heels?

This is not reality. NO ONE packs nude high heels in their hospital bag. And if you do, we can’t be friends.

Curled hair and beautiful makeup?

Right after birth this is not reality. She’s gonna sweat and curse those fake eyelashes and curls right off her body.

I realize it’s an ad to sell the gown but I sure hope whoever purchases this monogrammed labor gown knows they ain’t gonna be all dolled up and beautiful looking like this after giving birth.

This is reality…

Using a good Snapchat filter when the epidural kicks in and you feel real good

And then the pressure comes and the epidural wears off.

Scared out your mind for what’s to come….

But on top of the world with a heart full of joy when he arrives. Not giving a damn what you look like. Just wanting that skin to skin time ASAP.

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